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  1. Hardwrkr13

    Arcebis skid 17+ 300xc

    I have one on my 18 300XC. I've bashed it off many trees and it's worked as it should. The front bracket was an absolute pain to get on but other than install the thing is great.
  2. Hardwrkr13

    2019 KTM 300XC Must Have Mods

    Other than dialing in suspension for your weight there's no must-do mods. Ride it then see if you need/want to throw money at it to change something. I put better handguards and a skidplate and heavier rear spring right away because they were necessary for me. My stock carb is great, my stock reeds were fine, my stock suspension valving is great (after breakin), my motor makes enough power everywhere. No need for me to throw money at something that already works great.
  3. Hardwrkr13

    19 300XC at 60.5 hours

    Is the 52 sprocket the oem size or different and if different how do you find the change?
  4. Hardwrkr13

    2018 xcw 300 jetting

    I use the JD kit and use the Technical Trail settings (as I mainly do singletrack and found the Aggressive Trail settings too rich off bottom). Riding 500-750ft I didn't touch the jetting all Spring/Summer and it was always perfect. When it started getting down around 5-7c temps I consulted JD and they said it could be left alone but if anything I could just swap in the Red Needle (richer needle, no other changes). Tried the red needle and again it was still to rich off bottom so I went back to original Tech Trail settings and it was fine and not lean anywhere. No other engine mods other than a vforce4 cage.
  5. Hardwrkr13

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Motul 710 has a lower flashpoint than Motorex. Only use 800 for high-heat applications (MX, dessert, etc). Motul 710 2T (data: #1 #2) Cost: $15.99/liter Synthetic oil (asumed due to the viscosity index), 10-25% Group 1 oil (CAS 64742-46-7) viscosity 8.9 mm2/s 100C, 46.4 mm2/s 40C, viscosity index 176, 88ºC flash point approved rating: JASO FD Motorex Power Synt 2T (data: #1 #2) Cost: $26.10/liter synthetic group 4 or 5 (unspecified), 25-50% group oil (CAS 64742-47-8) viscosity 9.1 @ 100C, 50.1 @ 40C, viscosity index 164, flash point 98C, density .87 approved rating: JASO FD Both are clean and low smoke. Running 60:1 you don't go through much oil anyways so spend the extra money on a decent oil like these. I run Motul 710 simply because I get a 4L jug of it $10 cheaper than the same size Motorex.
  6. Hardwrkr13

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    710, no arrestor (FMF Powercore 2 silencer on oem pipe). JD Jet kit using the recommended 0-2000 technical trail recommendation (tried aggressive trail settings and it was too rich off idle for my singletrack riding).
  7. Hardwrkr13

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    60:1 Motul or Motorex. Zero spooge.
  8. Hardwrkr13

    2017 250sx longevity, issues?

    Nope just general maintenance. Rebuilds will depend on how hard it's being ridden. My singletrack trail friends are doing topends around 250hrs and not touching anything else in there.
  9. Hardwrkr13

    Anyone got or ridden a 19 Xc250 ?

    My fork felt the same until I dialled the sag. At 105 my fork was harsh at low speed. Upping it to 107mm made the fork perfect.
  10. Hardwrkr13

    Four stroke to 2 stroke

    I had a 14 YZ450F that I closely turned into a FX. Tuning helped but it was still way too much on tight trails, felt heavy, and would occasionally flame out. One day I rode a 16 300XCW back to back with mine and was sold. The 450F just tired me out whereas the 300 was like a mountainbike, precise, and most importantly FUN. I bought a 18 300XC soon after. Now this is only for singletrack and that's log-hopping, rooted, constantly hitting trees with bars tighter stuff. For anything above 3rd gear on the 300XC I'd rather have the thumper. Wider flowing GNCC stuff and any tracks I'd take a 450F every time.
  11. Hardwrkr13

    250 TPI sparkplugs

    I put a BR7EIX in my 18 300XC (non-tpi) and it looked exactly the same as yours. Was running perfect and never had an issue on the same plug all this year running tight singletrack.
  12. Hardwrkr13

    KTM 200 XC-W

    Welcome! I came back to dirtbikes after 20yrs away as well. Riding street/track I started getting bored so I sold the track bike and two sportbikes (kept a bagger) and bought a ktm 2stroke. Had to learn jetting. First off put new fuel in it, mixed at what the manual recommends, with a good oil with a low flashpoint (if not mx track riding). See if there's still spooge and if it feels like it's running properly. I'd also recommend checking the current jetting and put it back to the manuals recommended specs for your elevation/temperature if it's different.
  13. Can someone please advise the stock oem front sprocket size on the 18 300XC please? Need one and my bike is not close by for me to check
  14. On my 14 YZ450F I had a bugger of a time with random stalling in technical riding until I put a softer woods-type map in the ecu. After that I was really able to chug it and it also ran much cooler (it's very lean from the factory so it runs hot). Doubt I'd ever do another 450 4T for technical trail riding though. My 300XC is wayyyyy easier and less tiring to ride plus it's more fun. I would like to add a YZ250FX to the garage to have a 4T option and mostly for company to use when they visit.