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  1. The guide is Acerbis brand and the sprocket fits fine.
  2. I run 12/52 on my 2011 450, much better in the tight stuff
  3. Im running 12 52 and its great for single track. When i go to do fast stuff i put a 14 tooth front sprocket.
  4. Yes, that part should spin. If there is any play between that part and the wheel, the sensor will not work. When you fasten the axle, fasten the nut first, and then the 4 screws that compress the axle.
  5. I dont really have knowledge on the subject, but it is what i read here
  6. Because the oem valves have a titanium coating, and once it is gone the valves wear fast.
  7. The idle knob screw had unscrewed out of place, thats why there was no effect turning it. Its clearly visible from the kickstart side.
  8. Thanks, the bike did run like 30 miles last weekend with new gas.
  9. This is a new to me 2006 yz250f. Got it a week ago and took it for a ride and the idle would hang sometimes. I took the carb apart and cleaned all jets, bowl and ap. Now the bike wont idle. It starts fine and runs, but will die with no throtle. Tried with the idle adjuster knob, but it dont have any effect on rpm. Thanks for any input
  10. Thanks guys, already got it out. The shaft is worn, hope to get one this afternoon. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Hi Giys, My bike is leaking by the weep hole. I removed the pump cover but cant remove the pump rotor, as the whole bike wants to move. Is there a trick to get it out without removing the whole clutch cover? Bike is a 08 wrf450
  12. Hey guys, been reading the forum for some time, as i started riding a wr450f 2008 a year ago. My clutch is veryy graby so i took it apart and filed the basket and boss grooves and did the swiss cheese mod to the boss. Now the thing is that i want to assemble it back and I cant get the basket to enter enough to lock basket and boss with the nut. Is there a trick to put the basket right?
  13. In the section 5-3 of the manual that line is refered as "Catch tank breather hose", just found on section 2-2 that it discharges with the rest of the carburator hoses in the bottom of the bike.
  14. Hi guys, I recently bought a 2009 wr450f. After some riding i get the top of the cylinder stained with a coolant leak. Not a huge thing, but some coolant is leaking. Today i took the tank out to have some vision of the area, and found that the leak comes from a hose coming from the coolant reservoir. I have a clear line that goes from the radiators to the bottom of the reservoir, and this black line that goes from the top of the reservoir to the top of the cylinder. The tube is not attached to anything, just end there. Is this normal or is it a bad routed line? Thanks in advance! Sebastian
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