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  1. sick vid mate
  2. With correct technique lubing the tyre is unnecessary. A little bit of air in the tube until it isnt pancaked and baby powder in tyre/on tube. When 3/4 on, compress opposite side into rim well AS you lever the tyre on, you will see the tyre drop in on the opposite side. Always set each edge lever up at the same time and have the next set of levers in place ready to go. Small bites. Also this "I noticed I have also managed to tear the thin bead rubber exposing the underlying metal in one spot. " is a bit vague, but you may have broken the bead so dont be suprised if you tyre starts flopping around on the next ride. Does it look like it has seated uniformly around the rim both sides?
  3. For future reference. Beta 300 2015. I was having same symptoms as described here. Couldnt make the bike over heat if i threw it on a bonfire... then oneday started blowing out fluid and making "bubbling" noises really easily. Remembered after a couple frustrating rides, that the bike had suffered a tumble onto that side in rocks. Radiator cap had taken a hit and also deformed the sealing lip/neck of the radiator somewhat. Solution: Bent the lip to correct flush position and changed the cap. My theory is the "bubbling" noise which lead me to believe it was over-heating was more of a muffled quick "pffft"pffft" noise from the cap rubber not sealing the radiator mouth correctly. From this crash actually.
  4. rubbing is racing
  5. Good stuff. I use the Silkolene Comp 2. Smells lovely. Also only use Silkolene fork fluid.
  6. Selena Gomez gunning for Roczens job
  7. "next time it'll be my turn" Barf n Poo-can sad attempt to get one back on Champ 21 was good for a laugh. Attempt at a much more dirty move and got outclassed.
  8. supercross

    Im guessing Roczen has suffered a fracture to the second metacarpal in his right hand.
  9. " but also I’m mad at him because we know each other." its not like it was personal, its racing, he's coming thorugh! "It’s a bummer to make somebody crash like that." thats what the brake is for, maybe dont come down the berm and crash into him then. "It’s not like he’s racing me for the championship right now." then if you are such good buddys get out of his &%$#@!ing way, he's got places to be.
  10. Josep Garcia is gonna be a force in the WESS
  11. offroadvideos.org or dailymotion