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  1. livefivetwofive

    Pipe guards? Yea or Nea

    carbon fibre pipeguards - instead of a dent, transfer all the force into the neck bends and eyelet/welds of the pipe also and create cracks. and you still get dents anyway. easier to blow dents out, than weld it up and then blow out the dents.
  2. livefivetwofive

    Pre race anxiety

    Youre in C class you ARE a goon No, but seriously. Noone is watching you, this race is nnot important, noone gives a crap. Ride your bike, have some fun with it, concentrate on what you are doing, maybe learn something.
  3. Youre riding a 4x6. Its all in the preload (compressing the suspension). Do this about a bike length before your obstacle. Standing, Bend at the knees (your butt will slightly squat down), then push your feet down through the pegs. As it rebounds your front wheel is hitting the obstacle as you are applying throttle. Grip with your ankles for impact. Dont pull the bars. Dont bother with the clutch at this stage ( but do keep it covered). Dont sit down! (How sitting helps anyone reach the rear brake for this skill in beyond me) Not for now but to touch on the punch and zap techniques... the front wheel punch is done TO LOAD THE REAR SUSPENSION and set your trajectory angle. If it was to just get the front wheel high, we would just do a big old wheelie into the object....... and then proceed our trip over the handlebars.
  4. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    You sure thats not a Mitas on Wades bike? Probably C-19
  5. livefivetwofive

    What is "plush" suspension

    The suspension is fine. Gauranteed you will find a bigger improvement by using good technique. Ride with your feet, not your hands.
  6. livefivetwofive

    Help with standing

    I like to think about it as ya need to be balancing on your pegs rather than just standing on them. If you always position your body (and feet) in a way that the force from acceleration and braking all goes down through your feet ,into the pegs, into the tyres.... you really dont have to do much else (in most situations. Precludes some straight line, whoop type stuff). Maximum traction, minimum effort.
  7. WA Trail and Enduro Club Sprint Enduro Western Australia 2018 - Highlights and Top 3 of All Classes https://www.cromp.com.au CoffeyRock Offroad Motorcycle Parts
  8. livefivetwofive

    Hard Enduro: Will Graham Prevail Again?

    I seen Manni coming from a couple vids and some past efforts, he is a tech wizard. Would of had the win if Bolt hadnt of forced him into teaming up at Green Hell
  9. livefivetwofive

    Bad news for Anderson

    Alpinestars are on their way out the door. First they take out Tomac from the SX championship and now Anderson for the MX championship. This is the end of an era, Alpinestars product can no longer be trusted. Good riddance.
  10. livefivetwofive

    Not Click Bait

  11. livefivetwofive

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Tech, single, how-tos and reviews. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRzYXeCctmO8LzxKeYwpDAQ/
  12. This is a tiny bit of an 80km trail of pure single track. All tagged and bunted that some legends have spent the time and effort to put in and also set up a bunch of log rides and jumps. All in about a 10km radius
  13. It irks me that the PO of your bike managed to get the fork guard bolts so tight that you cant undo them... yet seemingly every bike i touch, atleast one of the fuggers strip before it even snugs up
  14. livefivetwofive

    Enduro 2018: Top Riders to Watch

    Cody webb ftw
  15. livefivetwofive

    Predictions for Vegas

    Anderson gets a bad start and is gonna finish outside the top 10. Muskrat going for the win. Tomac sitting in second. Tomac punts Musquin over the berm in the final corner and Ando wins the championship. Yew!