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  1. livefivetwofive

    Fork oil is BLACK

    Swapped my (black, OC, 2015) outters out for Showa outters and the oil still goes black and smells like swamp water after 10 or 15 hrs so i agree there is something else at play here. Beta should be ashamed for putting this rubbish on their bikes, its a disgrace. Thankfully KTM has finally come out with a bike as good as the 300rr finally with the XC300 so we dont have to ride that Beta bullshit.
  2. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    Is that even the Cheater? The wear looks like the regular 525
  3. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    Yes, the 120/100 525 is a much better tyre. It doesnt throw knobs like the 110 525 (anywhere near as easily). The 525, while the same compound as the 505, is a bit stiffer sidewall and crown.
  4. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    I should have mentioned the Mitas C-18 we sell for harescramble and trail riding is the RED stripe. Lasts longer than green stripe, still hooks up EVERYWHERE better than X30, corners better and wont chunk. Everyone that trys it converts.
  5. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    Noone runs a Bridgestone X30 on purpose, basic peasant tyre. On the Shinko Cheaters you almost have to state wether its 120 or 110 size. They are basically different tyres. 505 is epic in either size with the 120 lasting longer. 525 we dont bother selling in 110 size. The 120/100 is great. For a harescramble type tyre the Mitas C-18 shits on everything and is right up there for everything but the most extreme waterfall rocky stuff, which is why the pros use Ef07, Gt216 type tyres for erzberg type events. Megawatt type events the Mitas boys use C18
  6. livefivetwofive

    2019 RR Race Edition Models - First Look

    More adjustment options is always better. Yes i have spell check but i dont care... whatever works... same with suspension.
  7. livefivetwofive

    2019 RR Race Edition Models - First Look

    Whats that now? Are you saying more/easier adjustability is a bad thing?
  8. livefivetwofive

    Help with standing

    Why is it ass backwards? Every single mountain bike it the world sets you up that way when standing? For explanation refer to what ive written previously in this post somewhere and also what every top rider/coach has ever said
  9. livefivetwofive

    Help with standing

    Putting your weight into your hands is absolutely bassakwards but experimentation is the father of learning.
  10. livefivetwofive

    Pipe guards? Yea or Nea

    carbon fibre pipeguards - instead of a dent, transfer all the force into the neck bends and eyelet/welds of the pipe also and create cracks. and you still get dents anyway. easier to blow dents out, than weld it up and then blow out the dents.
  11. livefivetwofive

    Pre race anxiety

    Youre in C class you ARE a goon No, but seriously. Noone is watching you, this race is nnot important, noone gives a crap. Ride your bike, have some fun with it, concentrate on what you are doing, maybe learn something.
  12. Youre riding a 4x6. Its all in the preload (compressing the suspension). Do this about a bike length before your obstacle. Standing, Bend at the knees (your butt will slightly squat down), then push your feet down through the pegs. As it rebounds your front wheel is hitting the obstacle as you are applying throttle. Grip with your ankles for impact. Dont pull the bars. Dont bother with the clutch at this stage ( but do keep it covered). Dont sit down! (How sitting helps anyone reach the rear brake for this skill in beyond me) Not for now but to touch on the punch and zap techniques... the front wheel punch is done TO LOAD THE REAR SUSPENSION and set your trajectory angle. If it was to just get the front wheel high, we would just do a big old wheelie into the object....... and then proceed our trip over the handlebars.
  13. livefivetwofive

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    You sure thats not a Mitas on Wades bike? Probably C-19
  14. livefivetwofive

    What is "plush" suspension

    The suspension is fine. Gauranteed you will find a bigger improvement by using good technique. Ride with your feet, not your hands.
  15. livefivetwofive

    Help with standing

    I like to think about it as ya need to be balancing on your pegs rather than just standing on them. If you always position your body (and feet) in a way that the force from acceleration and braking all goes down through your feet ,into the pegs, into the tyres.... you really dont have to do much else (in most situations. Precludes some straight line, whoop type stuff). Maximum traction, minimum effort.