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  1. Tech, single, how-tos and reviews.
  2. This is a tiny bit of an 80km trail of pure single track. All tagged and bunted that some legends have spent the time and effort to put in and also set up a bunch of log rides and jumps. All in about a 10km radius
  3. It irks me that the PO of your bike managed to get the fork guard bolts so tight that you cant undo them... yet seemingly every bike i touch, atleast one of the fuggers strip before it even snugs up
  4. offroad

    Cody webb ftw
  5. supercross

    Anderson gets a bad start and is gonna finish outside the top 10. Muskrat going for the win. Tomac sitting in second. Tomac punts Musquin over the berm in the final corner and Ando wins the championship. Yew!
  6. 1.Sign up to A grade race. 2. Watch Stew Baylor onboard cam vids on your big screen the night before. 3. Do that.
  7. No Justin, i dont know.
  8. What gets me is Marvs insisting Tomac was making a new line where there is no rut, if he just didnt say that silly bullshit then there'd be no foul. Its obvious he (MM) is the one making a new line cutting across the bottom of the bowl, that silly &%$#@! is living in opposite land.
  9. Yeh probably dont bother trying to apply this technique on gravel roads while you are learning haha
  10. I wish Taylor Roberts nuts werent quite as big, so he could string a few events together before destroying himself each time.
  11. Thats right! Oops i thought i had amended that. Thanks. Will edit. Ah shit cant edit the old post.
  12. Thats what happens to serial cross jumpers. Karma bitch.
  13. while you should be using a lot of front brake in most situations and terrain (less so in sand), it is important to use the rear brake, not only for actual stopping power but chassis balance also.
  14. If the engine is running then yes using it in gear with clutch out. But for engine off technique on real steep you will not be using clutch as a faux rear brake unless youve messed up or lost your rear brake. Couple reasons. Its less finesse of modulation. You will need feet on the pegs or you throw away all bike control. If you cant reach your rear brake with ass right back the the pedal is set up wrong. The technique is for better bike/ suspension feel when listening the braking/tires