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  1. louiSmack

    Reiters, is it free of snow yet?

    Has anyone bee up to Reiter lately? Is it free of snow yet? Thanks in advance.
  2. louiSmack

    Where can I buy the correct after market carb for TTR-125?

    I bought a new Mikuni 24mm from Niche Cycle Supply thru Amazon. They advertised it as genuine and pre-jetted for my TTR-125. It works great, bike fired right up and idles fine. Wish I bought this last year instead of screwing around with a bunch of cheap knockoffs.
  3. Hello, I bought several Mikuni carbs for our TTR-125 and they keep arriving with the choke and screws facing left, which is into the bike. I installed one and it works but I'm assuming its a Mikuni knock-off. Where can I buy the correct carb, which the screws and choke facing 'Right'? Thanks in advance.
  4. louiSmack

    TTR125 new carp with different fuel line diameter.

    Never mind, I figured this out. I was attempting to attached the fuel line to the air vent.
  5. Hello, Just bought a 2004 TTR125 for my son and we are swapping the oem carp our for a Mikuni VM24. The fuel line diameter is different. The original is what looks like 6mm while the Mikuni I bought is 3mm (i think). I'm looking for a little advise on what I should do. * Should I try and find a fuel line reducer to make this work (do they even make these)? * Should I replace the peacock to fit the 3mm line? * Should I buy a new and hopefully correct (not knock-off) carp. Or is there something else I should do. Thanks in advance, Louis
  6. louiSmack

    Hello from Redmond