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  1. Hello , Just looking for some feed back in regards to seat options . Feels like I have been sitting on a 2 x 6 plank after a long ride , tender to say the least ! Looked Acerbis X seat . Fisher saddle bags seat looks really comfy . Just wondering if anyone has gotten and has used a different seat .
  2. Hello , anyone that is still interested in the ecu swap . Things have worked great so far and today I took another step in testing . I took my bike into Calgary on my commute . The distance one way is 120 kilometres . The Highway I commute on , hwy 2 , is posted at 110 km/h ( 68mph ) . The spirit of the law's limit over is 80 mph . Alberta is on the east side of the Rocky Mountain range . We get plenty of wind and this split highway is as wide as any built in the world . A good test to put the bike on a good load . The morning was cooler ( 9 degrees Celsius ) and was a good push on my part . Had to get to work , didn't want to be late . My bad , I haven't attached a watch to my bars to monitor the time as I ride . The return ride , after filling the tank as my fuel light came on shortly after leaving , was at 21 degrees Celsius . Stopping at lights idling was worrying me as I have heard of other exc owners stating that this is when the coolant starts to bypass the radiator cap . Kept a close eye and not a drip entered the overflow tube . After taking a few detours , back country gravel roads that are my favourite . The test was a success . Took a couple short tours around braking and accelerating . Let the bike idle for a few minutes and took temperature readings again at the bottom end clutch side the radiator core in a few places and the top end . 128 degrees Celsius at the top end . 71 degrees at the bottom end . 50 degrees maximum at the radiator core top tank . Fuel consumption is up there . I burned 7 litres of fuel over 120 km distance . I could dial this back a little , but it is my opinion this is helping the cooling . Yes , fuel is expensive but I will take that trade off as engine rebuilds are much worse . Besides I have had other Dual Purpose bikes . If there isn't fuel consumption the ride is boring . My perspective is simple . I just sold a supermoto Dr 200 Suzuki that I did a number to and the same commute resulted in the burning of 5 litres of fuel .
  3. Funny , tried to pick up the stock battery from my local KTM dealer and they stock the Shorai as a replacement . Have a friend that is using it . Seems to be good .
  4. Diverdown , Where do you ride ? Ever ride in a cold weather environment ? Store your bike where ? Is it ever below -10 Celsius or 15 Fahrenheit ?
  5. Is that right ? Being from the great white north , there is a considerable difference in climate . For example . I bought my bike new this January at the motorcycle show a 2017 exc 500 . I have been struggling with the battery from day one . I suspect that the battery was not maintained or had been stored in the cold . As , this is a common problem for LI batteries . They don't like it . I had a small heater on my bike but the shop I had it in has no heat . I should have yanked the battery and kept it in my house . Hein site is 20 / 20 . Never the less . I have a buddy who has a 2017 exc 450 and keeps his bike in a heated garage , but rides his bike 95% off road and uses Trelleborgs to keep riding even in cold weather . He came down to my place in the country for a rip on the weekend , plus to try and richen his bike up . After the work I wanted to try his Trelleborg tires out as I have a whack of snow still here . I got 50 feet from my shop and his bike shut off and was acting like it had a bad connection at the display . Threw about 4 different codes and he was blaming me for it , thinking that what we had just done was the cause . I jumped the bike with a Lawn tractor battery and his battery was so dead it sucked the life out of my jumper battery . I unhooked the positive to bypass his battery and all was fixed . When those lithium batteries dye there is no warning and when they are gone they are gone . A shame really , 15 months ? Any way it got me to worrying . I do not want to be caught out 100 miles from home with no way to start my ... new bike . GRRR . So I thought I should get out ahead of this dilemma . Thanks for the heads up TT . I will look into that . Perhaps there should be a cold weather kit for the battery . Guess , I should look at a kick start kit to . Thought I was through kick starting bikes .
  6. Looking for feedback on anyone that has replaced there Lithium Ion Battery on there KTM or Husqvarna . Mine came with a 5s model . I did some searching but have gotten very conflicting reviews. https://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/lithium-iron-batteries/scorpion-stinger-12v-ytz5s-motorcycle-atv-scooter-powersport-replacement-batte Here is another link . https://www.amazon.com/Lithium-Motorcycle-Battery-Husqvarna-Kawasaki/dp/B01FI6OWFY/ref=pd_sbs_263_5?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01FI6OWFY&pd_rd_r=J31X9JFER6MQH6G5HK5H&pd_rd_w=ggVPS&pd_rd_wg=7pTNl&psc=1&refRID=J31X9JFER6MQH6G5HK5Hry-sstz5s.html
  7. rfrmcjape

    husqvarna fc 250 2014 tps adjustment

    Fresh oil is correct your on the input voltage . You can't just tap into the wiring as you need to do this " inline " with the electrical circuit connected . So you at least need a harness that connects the circuit with access to test it . Or if you can trace the wires back to the ecu and use something to tap into the connector at the ecu , like a paper clip or something even thinner . This is very difficult but I have done it on cars and other equipment , but usually with an electrical schematic . I just bought a TPS tool because , as a mechanic I recognize the value of not having to take wiring harnesses , it is time consuming and can result in future problems in the harness .
  8. rfrmcjape

    head gasket help

    The answer is two fold . You will have to re time the valves at the timing chain sprocket to top dead center compression . I usually rotate the engine and look at the valves with the valve cover off making note the expression " suck , squeeze , bang , blow " before I go any further when taking things apart . This will tell you which rotation is the piston at the top and on the compression ( bang ) stroke . At this point there will be marks lined up on the cam chain sprocket and your timing mark on the magneto will be in view under the inspection screw hole , which will be on top of the magneto cover . You will have to remove one or both of the timing chain guides the timing chain tensioner and then the timing chain sprocket and possibly the camshaft . So yes it is technical . Having a service manual is a must if this is your first time doing this .
  9. Oops , I just realized that I missed this question about the ignition . I left the ignition alone . Everything works as it did before I changed the ecu . Again , the only thing not working is the cooling fan . I still haven't needed it thankfully . Went for another rip on Saturday and had plenty of fun . The bike worked amazing . 185 km on the odometer and 2.6 hours .
  10. Here is the link to the wheel weight vid .
  11. Update : Today the Weather finally let up and shot all the way up to 6 degrees Celsius . Last night I got out to the shop and set my TPS with the TPS Tuner that finally came . I set the TPS to maximum suggested .78 . With the crack of the throttle from idle to about half to three quarters I can get a puff of black smoke . That made me feel much better about testing the bike . I headed out with the intention of taking some temperature readings after my return . I put on 70 km of riding in .6 of an hour . So in total I have 120 km and 2 hours of operation on the bike . I did some highway riding for about 10 km running between 60 mph and 100 mph . Then did some road riding then off on back country gravel roads , riding much more aggressively as the roads have thawed . Upon return I left the bike idling and took my temperature readings . I got 53 degrees Celsius at the bottom end , 111 degrees Celsius at the cylinder and 40 degrees at the radiator core . The bike ran great and never snapped crackled or popped once . Felt great to get her dirty ! Started building an 18 inch front wheel for her to make an all around street tracker / supermoto set up . Also did a short vid on wheel weights that I made from 1/4 thick aluminum , of which I will have to make a link for on youtube if anyone is interested .
  12. Hi all . Anyone care to comment on making a middle of the road set up for Supermoto and Flattrack ? I know , hard to be serious if your using one set up for both . I am going to build an 18 inch front wheel for my KTM 2017 500 exc soon to do exactly this . Really to just have some fun this year for both Supermoto and Flattrack . Looking for feed back on how to adjust the suspension for each application on a BUDGET .
  13. So , I don't know . I guess I have been just wondering if this is possible and picking up everything has been relatively cheap . Looking now for a Dr 200 wiring harness or a GN 250 wiring harness . So just to explain all of this . DR 100 giveaways are fairly common . So I started to researching and realized that I could get many kits for the top ends for cheap . Plus it seemed that the DR 100 chassis was a big frame adapted to be a mini bike . So I connected the dots and took some measurements . I ended up with two DR 100 bikes one in great shape minus a poor running engine skipped timing chain . And an incomplete DR 100 . All three engines had issues . I built a 2010 Konker KSM 200 and sold it what I had into it . Not bad for the fun I had on it . When it sold I picked up another one for very little it had a lay down . Also had a 82 DR 250 , chassis poor neglected and corroded but ran pretty good . So I am putting a 300 kit on it and shoe horning it into the Konker chassis . The 200 motor is going into the DR 100 chassis with a SP 125 swing arm and shock that I put a DT 200 front end on , ( mad dog flattracker I hope ) . Oh yeah , and a 150 kit in the nice DR 100 with a DR 200 head and stock DR 200 camshaft and 26mm Carburetor . Think that covers it .
  14. Cool , thanks for all the amazing feedback !