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  1. Here is the link to the wheel weight vid .
  2. Update : Today the Weather finally let up and shot all the way up to 6 degrees Celsius . Last night I got out to the shop and set my TPS with the TPS Tuner that finally came . I set the TPS to maximum suggested .78 . With the crack of the throttle from idle to about half to three quarters I can get a puff of black smoke . That made me feel much better about testing the bike . I headed out with the intention of taking some temperature readings after my return . I put on 70 km of riding in .6 of an hour . So in total I have 120 km and 2 hours of operation on the bike . I did some highway riding for about 10 km running between 60 mph and 100 mph . Then did some road riding then off on back country gravel roads , riding much more aggressively as the roads have thawed . Upon return I left the bike idling and took my temperature readings . I got 53 degrees Celsius at the bottom end , 111 degrees Celsius at the cylinder and 40 degrees at the radiator core . The bike ran great and never snapped crackled or popped once . Felt great to get her dirty ! Started building an 18 inch front wheel for her to make an all around street tracker / supermoto set up . Also did a short vid on wheel weights that I made from 1/4 thick aluminum , of which I will have to make a link for on youtube if anyone is interested .
  3. Hi all . Anyone care to comment on making a middle of the road set up for Supermoto and Flattrack ? I know , hard to be serious if your using one set up for both . I am going to build an 18 inch front wheel for my KTM 2017 500 exc soon to do exactly this . Really to just have some fun this year for both Supermoto and Flattrack . Looking for feed back on how to adjust the suspension for each application on a BUDGET .
  4. So , I don't know . I guess I have been just wondering if this is possible and picking up everything has been relatively cheap . Looking now for a Dr 200 wiring harness or a GN 250 wiring harness . So just to explain all of this . DR 100 giveaways are fairly common . So I started to researching and realized that I could get many kits for the top ends for cheap . Plus it seemed that the DR 100 chassis was a big frame adapted to be a mini bike . So I connected the dots and took some measurements . I ended up with two DR 100 bikes one in great shape minus a poor running engine skipped timing chain . And an incomplete DR 100 . All three engines had issues . I built a 2010 Konker KSM 200 and sold it what I had into it . Not bad for the fun I had on it . When it sold I picked up another one for very little it had a lay down . Also had a 82 DR 250 , chassis poor neglected and corroded but ran pretty good . So I am putting a 300 kit on it and shoe horning it into the Konker chassis . The 200 motor is going into the DR 100 chassis with a SP 125 swing arm and shock that I put a DT 200 front end on , ( mad dog flattracker I hope ) . Oh yeah , and a 150 kit in the nice DR 100 with a DR 200 head and stock DR 200 camshaft and 26mm Carburetor . Think that covers it .
  5. The sx ecu is about $400 USD . I have put 62 km on my bike just gravel road and highway . The fan doesn't work so I have a kit coming so my fan will turn on and off automatically . I also have a tps tuner coming because the plug reading could be richer , I think . I am running a little bit of pre mix in my fuel just as a precaution , about 300:1 . We have been hit hard with snow here so the testing has been halted . Just with the ecu though I am pretty sure that the bike is making way more power . There is more detail on the link at the top of the post .
  6. Sounds good . I will give that a shot .
  7. Hello all : Just thought I would share these posts over from the Husqvarna forum it was started in just in case any KTM owners are interested .
  8. Rather just spend the same amount of money on a kit controlled by a thermal switch. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/162004124682
  9. Hi , again . Thanks for the feedback . I am still trying to get my head wrapped around what exactly I am dealing with and this back and forth has been a great help . I also have a riding buddy who has a 17 450 six days and just picked up a 17 250 exc for his son . So I am headed over to his in the near future to dial in his rides . To check the TPS as per crazybro's request I am a full 120 km away from the nearest dealer and have not had great success letting others touch my rides . Is there a way I can do this without a TPS tuner ? I have ordered and should receive a TPS tuner between the 7th and the 16th of March as I would like to see how it changes things . According to some , this is all that is required to attain enough fuel for the 250 and 350 exc . Any ideas on how to get the sxf ecu to run the fan ? It must just be turned off in the settings .. Just a thought . My theory is .... There isn't an option to provide this as a KTM kit because of two reasons . A : the whole harness from the exc would need to be utilized running the cost much higher than just a fan kit that turns on / off via a thermal switch of some variety . B : providing this option gives up the ghost . The ECU that is on the 17/18 exc is the same part number and the 18 sxf . The rest is just software smoke and mirrors . Am I wrong ?
  10. Cool , thanks for the input . Always learning new things is a blessing . The answers to your inquiries are , no . I have not noticed anything like you have described . The bike always pulls way hard and I literally have to short shift through 4th gear to keep the front end from climbing to the sky . Perhaps the temperature issues are just new owner hysteria . Did the same quick ride today and changed the oil . Took temperature readings at the bottom end ; the top end and at the radiators with the engine idling after the ride . Outside temperature was -3 Celsius . Everything seems normal . Here are the pictures . Will try and put some video footage on youtube when I get some extra time . Uploads take forever .
  11. Update : There is now 47 kilometres on my 17 KTM 500 and I have just breached the one hour mark . So I am changing the oil today . It seems that the bike is running hot , so I am going to do a photo eye temperature test on the bike after going for a 10 minute ride just before the oil change . I have a feeling that the bike is actually still running lean in the top end while going 80 mph average on the highway . I pulled the spark plug and it seems that it is running good , slight tan color . The thing is ... It is only plus 3 degrees Celsius here and I have air cooled bikes that are struggling to get warm . I am tempted to pull the thermostat . Gotta get this done so I will post some pics when done .
  12. I just picked up a 2017 KTM exc and found a 450 sxf ecu on ebay . I does work but it doesn't run the fan . A kit to have the fan is fairly inexpensive . Will be my next add on . I have desmogged the bike and pulled the reed cage from the intake , plus picked up a 250sxf silencer and just had to shorten it on the inlet side an inch . The tip over solenoid valve has been removed and there are no codes . I have put about 10 km on the bike all on road . So far it has worked great , pulls way harder . Made my own wheel weights . Put a textured seat cover over the original seat cover and snuck in some extra foam . Really happy with the result . I am going to test ride the bike tomorrow to see how the wheel weights turned out . My next wish is to buy a aftermarket front hub and lace up a 18 inch front wheel to use it for supermoto / flatttrack . Nothing wrong with being on a budget .