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  1. I am going to buy my first trials bike soon and I come from the world of Motocross so I know to difference for 2 t and 4 t in mx, but what are the differences in trials? Also the pros and cons.
  2. Title explains it all.
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  4. Do you think that if I correctly learn whips, I won't face this issue anymore?
  5. So sometimes when I jump I get sent sideways in the Air and I crash on the landing. Is there a technique to correct it in the Air to get strait or when landing.
  6. [emoji172][emoji172]kx250f
  7. Suzuki's are cool bikes but on all the "bike shootouts" (when they compare bikes) they say they lack power. But the team is a good team but don't win as often as the Monster Energy Team
  8. So to me it seems like Monster Energy Kawasaki is the best motocross team because they win more than half the time they race. What do you think and why.
  9. Every time I try the gearing commander it doesn't work, this is my last question, if I do go with the 14 tooth sprocket up front, will the bike still have a lot of torque.
  10. It means you are holding on too tight or you need to get one of those "hand grips" that you squeeze and release a bunch to strengthen your hands.
  11. So just to be clear, right now I have a 13 tooth front sprocket, so going to a 14 tooth front sprocket will make my gears last longer, so that the top end speed is faster, right?
  12. Just make sure you are in powerband before and during you jump. Don't give a crazy amount of gas on the takeoff. And grip the bike with your legs.
  13. I have been to the track about 5 times and crashed once every time because of the Ruts on jumps, is there any advice on how to stop the jump from sending me sideways, how to fix it when it happens, and how to land.
  14. Or is this gearing good?