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  1. ktmxcw250

    2017 450 exc sixdays fork settings??

    Set sag, took 4 clicks off high speed compression seem to help, but front still pushes on hard pack
  2. ktmxcw250

    2017 450 exc sixdays fork settings??

    Senior c rider. Tight single track or wide open sugar sand. 240 W/gear
  3. Re spring for my weight but is so unbalanced. Does anyone have suggestions other than a revalve.
  4. ktmxcw250

    Ktm Xplor 48 Forks

    This is the 450 six days, feels so unbalanced.
  5. ktmxcw250

    Ktm Xplor 48 Forks

    Does anyone have a setting they like on stock forks?
  6. ktmxcw250

    2017 450EXCF 6 days stuff

    SicAss rear fender with led bar turn signals
  7. I'm also disappointed about the turn signal switch. Not the same as advertised. European bikes got the switch. WTF I paid extra for the six days to get the some of the goodies. But nope and no discounts
  8. ktmxcw250

    What Did You Do To Your KTM Today?

    after brake in went and got it dirty
  9. Ok I'll be the first to admit it. I bought one. But before I took delivery on the bike. Kept reading how plugged and restricted these 17 were. No feed back though, I brought it home rode across the lawn then went to the garage and disassembled the bike put all my parts on. Runs good though.
  10. [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  11. yea I bought one with out traction control and the turn signal switch is different then advertised also didn't come with the 52 tooth sprocket and not that it matters but the six days logo on the silencer
  12. ktmxcw250

    The TPS adjustment thread

    I have the pig tail tps tool has anyone else used this or is everyone using BDS
  13. ktmxcw250

    EXC handguard mounting

    brp mount cycra bark busters