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  1. FBRConcepts

    DR350 Engine Specification Chart.. Need Help Please!

    Or if anyone has data that can help me fill in the following red question marks! thanks!
  2. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    some more update, still working but trying to get the ball rolling on the engine build currently and still trying to compile some engine specification data in order to guide my path there, if anyone knows the internals of the engine or has parts sitting around they could measure that would be great! for now some more cosmetic updates while waiting on wheel bearings to arrive...
  3. FBRConcepts

    DR350 Engine Specification Chart.. Need Help Please!

    Also if anyone knows either the rocker arm ratio -OR- total intake and exhaust valve lift so i can calculate the rocker arm ratio that would be great! thanks in advance! Chris
  4. does anyone know the DR350 Connecting Rod length by chance? I have searched about everywhere and found nada on it. Thanks in advance! Chris
  5. FBRConcepts

    Te510husqvarna just died

    Fuel air and spark is what it needs so it's missing on unless it's a mechanical issue with cam timing or there is a joke in the cylinder. What is compression like?
  6. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    Not sure I follow your meaning? I am using a complete front end, triples, forks, wheel, and whole front brake assembly. That way the only format conversion needed is at the stem. In my case, I got very lucky in that only the upper bearing required a different size and the rm250 stem was able to be used. Just put new lower bearing on and used a conversation bearing on the top. I'm not familiar with the 650, but if you find the upper and lower bearing sizes you should be able to find a front end that is similar.
  7. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    No but I'm going to need springs either way I'm sure as I'm heavier at 6'1" 250lbs so stock springs on any bike are to soft for my big a$$. I was actually hoping that maybe the Moto would be a bit suffer and work out for decent trail springs for me, but will have to wait and see until I'm done with everything. I figure I'll get everything finished first then see what needs what.
  8. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    Headlight and flashers for handguards arrived! Really starting to look more modern!
  9. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    More playtime..lol
  10. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    Forks look good,bit now I wanna repaint the frame, maybe 99 model charcoal or a silver maybe....hmmm
  11. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    Ok, I have the triples and stem from the 2000 RM250 on the dr350 with only the upper bearing being different and the seal needing the I'd opened up to fit over the larger upper stem portion. The length appears to be good! Bit what do you guys think? The stops seem to work bit won't know if they clear the tank until it's reinstalled, currently bleaching it so couldn't test bit should be able to tomorrow.
  12. FBRConcepts

    Air cooled engine overheating on custom bike

    from an airflow perspective, at speed the front fender not having a rear section may be part of the problem. you are pushing the engine hard and while airflow should be greater over all, it may not be reaching the cooling fins properly. you say the engine is jetted perfectly, but perhaps it really isn't at cruise speeds? may be a combination of things really. but i would start with fuel, also check the timing chain tensioner and timing at full stretch cam timing is more retarded then spec, and retarded timing will surely cause some heating issues.
  13. FBRConcepts

    2000 RM250 USD Fork Swap to DR350SE Underway!!

    Yup, sounds like the plan, was just wondering if anyone had those dimensions posted anywhere? Would be good to have it available for future swaps with various bike front ends..
  14. Hello All! I have started the process of the fork swap and was wondering if some who have done it might chime in on a few questions i have come upon in my figuring. I have the RM250 triple cleaned and the old bearings removed from the stem. I researched and found that the RM uses a 30x52x16 upper and lower bearing. this works for the lower bearing but not the upper on the DR which research tells me is a 25x47x15. however bearing number 32906 is a 30x47x12 bearing and I think will be just fine with a 3mm bearing shim. this will allow me to use the RM250 stem and not need the bore plug for the upper clamp to work with the DR stem. my question as i have not yet removed the DR stem is can anyone tell me the length of the stem from the bottom of the threads to the bearing seat at the lower clamp? just need to verify that the length won't be an issue. I have gone ahead and purchased an AllBalls steering bearing kit which has the lower bearing and seal the rm stem will use and a separate 32906 tapered roller bearing for the upper and will see if i can use the seal from the AllBalls kit on the upper, shouldn't be an issue, just may need to turn the ID out to fit the larger stem diameter which isn't too much of an issue on the lathe. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated! I am trying to find it with search but have not had much luck with actual dimensions. below is the bearing chart i made for fitment of the conversion.
  15. FBRConcepts

    IMS, Clarke, Acerbis gas tanks

    this popped up on ebay with brackets and all, so i jumped on it! $75 plus $30 shipping not too bad, looks like i can probably buff 95% of the blemishes and scratches out of it to restore it. has cap and petcock too!