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  1. Ive bump started a dead battery Harley, moire than a few times. Dont know why the battery on these bikes would be so dead you couldn’t bump start it, hell every thing shuts down when you hit the red button. Me thinks this is a red herring, but I do think the kick should be continued,
  2. Looking hard at a 19 YZ450F or FX. Will be using it for old ruddy dude track time, weight is 220 and body is decrepit, expect I have 5 more years left in me for riding. Looking at $8,200 OTD so far. Any other deals out there you all suggest , should I wait, do you think prices will drop any more?
  3. If they put a button on the 2 stroke they would take half of ktm market share
  4. I might be, but I actually ride these things before spewing bullshit here keyboard commando boy.
  5. Lol the 18 and 19 need a ECU , but 1000s don't use one ,we are meant to accept you are an oracle and it must have an ecu to run right The 20s do also but not as much as the 18’s and 19’s ,, since I have rode all 3 it does make me an oracle. Compared to your dumb ass.
  6. The 18s and 19s need an ECU. Just think of it as a KTM tax when you buy their unestablished technology. You are all beta testers for king orange.. Giot mine working perfect with the GET, its now the best dirt bike I ever owned, well vying for it anyway, my 2020 500 is pretty dam awesome, no more flame outs, great MPG and power, the new suspension is almost good enough for a 220 Pounder like me, it took them 4 years to get the 500 running decent unchoked. My next bike will be a Yamaha, no more being a lab rat for snobby euro trash and their two legged dick licking cock holsters they have yammering away on this forum.
  7. Any performance #s, where are they made?
  8. Waiting for a GET to throw on my 2020 500 with traction control switch, was going to wait an get the 2020 50 xcf W and put a street kit on it, instead I decided to go with a EXC F and put a GET on it. I had an 18 with a vortex, it ran good but the fuel economy was degraded greatly, very hard to fine tune. the GET is easier to fine tune. So I will have all factory street stuff and GET mapping that should be good as or better than the KTM of road mapping on the W. NOE: TH 2020 50 stock is the best tuned KTM I have ever ridden off the floor, period.
  9. Was going back and forth on getting rid of the lethargic 19, tried the 2020, slightly better, just installed the GET Race Kit in the 19, just found the perfect combo. Holy hell this bike rips, its very responsive, not one bit of lag, its had to believe this is he same bike. Blab all you want, the 19s were not and are not as good as they should be, the 20s marginally better, the 19 or 20 with a GET EU is what these bikes should be from the floor of the dealer.
  10. duh ya mean like it says right on that page? There is a 2020 version so yeah I do realize that. Honestly I would ride a 2020 for 40 - 50 hours before putting any money in it. I think they are nearer the RTR claim than the 18 or 19. Very close to being good to go from what I understand.
  11. I heard a rumor https://slavensracing.com/shop/slavens-mule-get-ecu-ktm-hqv-250-300tpi/ Start at 22mins
  12. Putting wording in peoples mouths is classic douchebaggery, used only when you are too retarded to read what is actually being written. Nobody said all the TPI Bikes suck, just that TPI is not working as advertised. One more thing genius, if my bikes TPI is not working properly, that literally means all TPI’s are not working as advertised. Some are, but not all. Buyer beware.
  13. Just saying how many companies do better ? How many do tpi ? Th the answer is NO company has TPI that works as advertised.
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