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  1. Hey, i have to change my brake hose. I don't know which side where to connect. Do you know that?
  2. I would like to put my forks a little bit higher, is that possible on the CRF? And how much mm is okay before the fender hits the wheel?
  3. I think so, but im not sure.. Yes. a full turn is 4 clicks
  4. They only describe in the manual how much clicks i have to go out from full in.. Maybe someone other has the same bike as me and can count his clicks please. Would be interesting to know
  5. Thank you! The damper of my forks has 23 clicks and the compression 22 clicks. Is that normal? I always thought the standard is about the half of the possible clicks
  6. Hey, i need the original setting of the rebound and compression. Someone knows the clicks? Thank you
  7. Hey, i have one more question. On the fork i have a sag of 30mm only with the bikes weight. But when i put pressure on the fork and let it come back out. I have a sag of 30mm more. So 60mm. Is that normal? With me i have a sag of 80mm. I had the forks at the shop. WP Germany.
  8. My sag of the fork is exactly like in this description: 30mm static and 80mm race sag. But what is with the 45-55mm now?
  9. Hey, i want to measure the degree of the coolant tomorrow. How much is normal for the coolant?
  10. hm, can you tell me then please? Or do you agree with me?
  11. okay, so im right. Thank you for help!
  12. Okay Thank you! And another question. Is it possible to change the sag with adjusting compression / reboung (fork or shock absorber) I don't think so. Am i right?
  13. Hey, i have another two questions. The sag when the bike is on the stand. It should be the same on every CRF 250 2013 like mine right? Because in the manual they have a example with 600mm, mine is 580mm.. And the other is about the fork. When i sit on the bike, how deep it should go in? Is there any specification for that?
  14. I think it wasn't really 15 minutes. Just felt like that:D I have been riding today and it all worked fine. Did yours also smoke when it puked out? And what is with all the riders on the track? Very much let it run for about 5 minutes before they start riding? Is that a bad idea? And if the gasket would be broken, it should smoke out of the exhaust or?
  15. normally there should be no foam in the cool water. But when i open the throttle i have a little bit. I shaked my coolant (new bottle) and it looked like the same. So it should be normal? Because i read there should be not even a little bit foam in it.. Please help me...