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  1. Or like the Karate Kid, "blocks on, blocks off".
  2. Number one, I don't think you can get alpinestars in 1/2 sizes. Number two, I wear 9 1/2 in tennis shoes and I rode trials wearing size 9 Alpinestars trials boots for years. Best boots I ever wore.
  3. TeamGreenPilot, glad to hear that you are feeling better. I can almost move normally after my first off road encounter with my DR350.
  4. Sorry about the "pun".
  5. Bueno is good!
  6. What are you, one man and a truck? Revise, good for you, helping out your grandparents like that!
  7. The pink mini-skirt is a well known power adder!
  8. I use a pedal lift stand from Malcom Smith Racing for my DR350. The stand is made of steel but is "only" rated for 300lbs.
  9. Welcome aboard FJR!
  10. I think you are on the right track. An air leak can cause irregular idle and a bad crank seal on the dry side of the engine can and will suck in extra air.
  11. Darrell Waltrip says that if you want to make a small fortune in racing cars you need to start with a big one!
  12. To put some time frame in there, I was in college from 1975 to 1979.
  13. It certainly biased my opinion. Bumblebee Yellow and Black!
  14. Sophie, You now have an 83 CR-250, an 83 CR-480 and a 78 YZ-250. Any chance of renting out a ride on the YZ? Glenn
  15. I raced the YZ-250 for the last three years that I was in college. When I graduated I gave it/left it with my "little" brother who was five years younger than me and he continued to race it until he graduated from college and had to become an adult. He never said anything to me about having to replace the clutch. In fact I don't recall him replacing anything but tires and chains.