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  1. Electrons seeping along?
  2. There were sand dunes outside of El Paso that we used to go ride in. I even cut classes a few times to go ride after it had rained!
  3. I remember hating the spring when I lived outside Gallup. Mud everywhere and sticking to everything!
  4. I hear you my friend, manana!
  5. Well stop jawing with me and get the steed put back together!
  6. Let the big dog eat!
  7. Hero dirt?
  8. I am glad that somebody in AZ got rain today!
  9. There is a reason that they call them "elephant" motors!
  10. Amen brother!
  11. My step father e-mailed me earlier today and said that they had got 3/4" rain in Las Cruces and it was still coming down. I hope that CJ and the crew are getting a good dousing!
  12. That's the way you do it, mentoring!
  13. does Phoenix have a circular beltway? Sort of.
  14. Once again, Phoenix gets the clouds and humidity, but no rain.
  15. It should fit pretty snugly, as it sounds like it does.