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  1. One of the hardest things to learn in MX racing, in my opinion, is how to get a good start. Actually, it is how to get over the fear of getting run over in the first turn. As you said however, the first time you get the timing exactly right and you get to the first corner first it is awesome!
  2. As the song says "You ain't seen nothing yet"!
  3. 1hr and 10mins and we have had two short "finals". I guess I better reset the DVR.
  4. So the SX circus is coming to Phoenix next weekend?
  5. So who is favored in the bobcat class?
  6. So it is 250/450/bobcats, 250/450/bobcats, 250/450?
  7. Only two more opportunities to watch him again!
  8. With the three "final" races format will they redress the track at all?
  9. That's good right?
  10. Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, were so glad you could attend, come inside come inside!
  11. You beat me to it by 1/2 a second or so, your reflex times are improving, you must be getting better!
  12. Roger "The man" DeCoster?
  13. Keep slamming that OJ, even after you think you are better. I hear that this "flu" or what ever it is keeps circling around. I don't know about you, but I do not want to be that sick again!
  14. You and me both CR!
  15. I've heard this from other forms of motorcycle racers and auto racers as well, "You can't win every time you race, you just have to minimize the magnitude of your losses". DMAC, Are you feeling any better?