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  1. 160,000 miles on my 5.4L. Oil changed every 5000mi during regular check up by the Ford shop. Two COPs are the only engine related failures I've had.
  2. Yep, that is what bolts on there on my DR-350 as well. Try Babbitt's out of Minnesota.
  3. I've had the Ford dealer I bought my truck from do the plugs on my 2006 5.4L at the original 100,000 mi factory recommendation and again at the 160,000 mi revised factory recommendation. Both times it took most of the day and cost upwards of $700. The engine runs okay as long as one of the eight COPs isn't fried (replaced two of the eight in 160,000).
  4. Rub it in youngster! Keep rubbing it in youngster!
  5. Oh my god, I was 30 in 1987!
  6. MX, my 1977 YZ-250D. Trials, my 1992 Aprilia Climber.
  7. Darrell Waltrip says "If you want to make a small fortune racing cars start with a big one"!
  8. At least we keep it civil!
  9. I preferred the gullwing Delorean, with Mr. Fusion of course!
  10. Lucas Electrics, the Prince of Darkness!
  11. But you have had the ultimate experience, American dirt track race cars!
  12. Thomas Alva Edison was once questioned on how it felt to fail 2000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. He said "there were no failures, it was a 2000 step process".
  13. This is a 1974 YZ-250.
  14. Nice helmet, too bad I already own one. That is a great price!
  15. It's like a Ducati. Beautiful to look at, much harder to own!