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  1. GlennRay

    Side stand ripped off- wont start now

    The side stand switch shorts the B/W and G wires (Black with White stripe and green) when the stand is up, allowing the engine to run; according to the service manual which can be found at Thisoldtractor.com.
  2. GlennRay

    DR 350 No compression

    Go to ThisOldTractor.com for a service manual.
  3. GlennRay

    Rad mfg wheels

    I would think that if the caliper lines up with the disk then the wheel is in the correct position. Usually, the front wheel assembly is torqued up against the fork leg on the caliper side, then the front axle is clamped into the fork leg on the other side. This almost gaurentees correct fork leg alignment.
  4. GlennRay

    Single ring pistons??

    Weren't those single rings sort of an L shape also? I seem to recall that they were wider than the rings used on a two ring piston. That would increase the friction of the single ring set up.
  5. GlennRay

    Single ring pistons??

    When I first started riding back in the early 1970's the two strokes of the day (all air cooled) had both single ring and two ring pistons. The argument for single ring pistons was that there was less frictional drag, the argument against was that the double ring piston provided better sealing and longer life. I've had bikes with both kinds and I really couldn't tell the difference, but maybe I wasn't good enough to tell.
  6. I used a strap that pushed onto the ear pieces of my glasses, it was called Gator Grabber or something like that. It fit fine underneath my helmet.
  7. That is what I use, ever since I started riding in 1975, Scott OTG.
  8. GlennRay

    flywheel stuck on crank

    heat the flywheel, not the crank!
  9. Where I grew up, in New Mexico, the owner of the property behind ours had fenced it off to keep their cattle from wandering off. I went to them and asked if I could ride on their property in exchange for me riding their fence line and making sure everything was okay. They were down with that and I didn't have to maintain or fix the fence, just report what was wrong.
  10. Not to mention the very spotty radio coverage out in that area. They might not even be able to call for backup!
  11. I didn't think thatt "douchebag liberals" would know how, or even agree to handle firearms.
  12. I don't know about the ignition timing curves on either bike, but as an electrical engineer I think I can tell you the differences base on your description of the boxes. An "AC CDI" box must have a built in rectifier to convert the alternating current coming off of the stator into direct current that the rest of the box uses. The "DC CDI" box is dependent on an external rectifier component to convert the AC to DC before it gets to the CDI box. Without a wiring diagram for each bike I cannot be sure in these opinions however.
  13. GlennRay

    Stock lead acid battery VS lithium-Ion battery

    The starter will only take what the starter needs from the battery.
  14. GlennRay

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with a master link chain. I have used them in off road competition for over 30 years. You just have to remember to put the clip on the link with the closed end facing in the "forward" direction of the chain rotation. In my opinion.
  15. GlennRay

    Beta Alp 4.0 with DR350 Motor Carb issues

    The accellerator pump is squirting in too much gas. You need to reduce its stroke.