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  1. In all honesty boots dont make that much of a difference, i had a small wash out at 50 kmph and broke 2 metatarsals while wearing gaernes. I was just unlucky and my foot got pinned under the bike awkwardely. Shit happens... id still put money on the fact it would have been worse without the gaernes but still regardless would have caused damage. When it comes to boots and helmets dont cheap out, the price tag is a good indication of quality 99% of the time.
  2. Scottwr12345


    Are you asking how to smooth out a damaged gasket or a damaged head, cylinder base or bottom end of your engine?????
  3. Scottwr12345

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Why the personal attack? You seem very insecure and angry, mate if a few wheelies starts a few kids passion up for dirt riding like it did mine when i was a kid ill keep 'trying to impress 10 year olds' enjoy being a bitter old man.
  4. Scottwr12345

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Sounds like someones scared of wheelies LOL. nothing like having a bunch of kids run to the road to watch you wheelie down the street with massive ear to ear grins on there faces.
  5. Scottwr12345

    how common are serious injuries on dirtbikes?

    Reality is you will crash and make mistakes while learning. If your not crashing occasionally your not pushing enough. Destroyed my shoulder years ago all i could think of the whole time was getting back on the bike, same when i broke my foot 6 months ago. Bikes arent for everyone.
  6. Scottwr12345

    Ryan Villopoto's 2T vs 4T test

    1.9 seconds for almost double the capacity bike... gotta love mx rules and 2 strokes
  7. Scottwr12345

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    Odd how different the suspension comes out of the box from country to country, mine was pretty good minus a few clicker adjustments out of the box. Im around 95-100 kg with all my gear on. Aussie here.. first thing i did was swiss cheese the airbox.. not sure if the 19s have the same issue.
  8. Scottwr12345

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    Sorry i should have mentioned the 'track' i was talking about was a bush circuit lol. Cant deny the low end of a 300 though. Either way congrats op you will not be disappointed.
  9. Scottwr12345

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    I would argue that.. i rode both the 18 te 250 and 300 on a test track and was faster on the 250 everytime.. hence i bought the 250..
  10. You make a fair point, growing up on a farm the ol xr did its job without fail.
  11. Fact is noone likes a duel sport.. you wanna ride dirt? Get a dirt bike.. you wanna ride street? Get a sports bike... jack of all trades master of none.
  12. Cup of concrete... just rode for the first time in a month after breaking 2 metatarsals in my left foot.. if you really have any passion for this sport nothing will stop you.. or even make you consider stopping.
  13. Gasket is the first obvious check.. but op said hes replaced them. Need at minimal a short video of the issue to offer any real advice.. if it was me and it definetly is coolant burning id pressure test the whole vooling system.. takes fk all time or effort.
  14. Head or cracked jacket.. pretty simple.