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  1. I have the same year 400 E, Mine started doing the same thing . Intake valves were out of spec. Put the correct valve shims in, haven't had any problems since.
  2. Stator.... Don't buy a cheap one. I tried that didn't work.
  3. Keep it and buy an older nighthawk or something. That's what I did. Wife won't ride on my 400e or the gsxr1000 so 1983 nighthawk it is.. She loves it and all I needed to do was clean the carbs....runs like a charm.
  4. Looks like fun. No desert where I'm at just mx tracks, woods and twisty roads for my DRZ400E converted to SM. Would love to get some dirt wheels and hit the desert. Good ride man. Maybe find some jumps
  5. Good to know, I'll be ordering one. Like things to go as easy a possible. Thanks for the link.
  6. So what big bore kit would one get for an E model ? Wanting to get one for mine. Would I just not change my base gasket?
  7. Have a 2000 E model with a kick. Was having trouble starting it,replaced the valve shims to the correct specs. Now it fires up with one push of the button or on the first kick. No choke. Have you checked your valves? Mine were only out of spec on the intake side.
  8. Rm atv