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  1. I got ya, I hear you. But I can go buy a kit with multiple adjustable cams, and I'll bet I get a ratio that works.
  2. Uh, no. Look at the photos of the throttle tube and the carb style. It is not a double cable style like a modern race level 4T.
  3. Just saw Decotis & Lopes both throw away the 250 LCQ, and they are factory riders. How do two factory riders NOT go 1-2 in this race? I've been supportive of this team, but I think my support just left the station......
  4. Torrture

    2017 CRF450R Reliability & Output

    I'm nervous that if this happened to my '17, I don't know that Id trust my dealer mechanic to split and install a new case
  5. Torrture

    2017 CRF450R Reliability & Output

    Can I ask you how many hours on the bike? Did the kickstarter snap back in an odd way? Pics? I have the same bike, would like to see the crack, just to know what to look for. Please let us know if Honda helps.
  6. Torrture

    2017 CRF450R Reliability & Output

    Honda should help. This is a known issue with this bike, well documented.
  7. Thanks bro. Mind you it's for my 12 yr old son, coming off an electric bike. He doesn't need the 140, but he is good enough to handle it as he grows
  8. Torrture

    2017 CRF450R For Sale - One Owner

    Reason for selling? Bike looks great.
  9. Torrture

    2017 Crf450R

    Bike sounds amazing and well thought out. Why selling?
  10. Can anyone shed light on the backstory between these two I keep hearing about, besides the obvious on track run ins last season? I hear murmurs about a girl in the past or something? Anyone know?
  11. Torrture

    New Coaching for the Northeast

    Coming this springtime : https://peaktrainingmx.wixsite.com/website
  12. So upset. Can't find a DB-X29 anymore online. Does anyone know of a distributor? Really like this bike and this thread is such a help. Don't want to have to change model to a Tao Tao or something else.
  13. Torrture

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Sounds Like JA is done for the year now, anyhow. Broken arm and busted up. No repeat this season. Next!!!
  14. Torrture

    2018 RMZ 450 Enduro build.

    Yeah, what ever happened here?! How's the back & the bike????
  15. Torrture

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    https://www.facebook.com/FCPRacing/ I'd be curious to try these in ti, or https://www.cmtcompositi.com/shop/suzuki/rmz-450-2018-2018/carbon-engine-mounts-271 these in carbon. Not a big fan of leaving bolts out on mounts. To worried about vibration failure or some strange thing like that happening.