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  1. Why does creatine make arm pump worse?
  2. I’m 15. Have put 5500 miles on my street legal 2002 XR250R so far and have 3 other bikes.
  3. Highest 0% ethanol near me is 90 and cost $3.30. Highest ethanol gas is 93 and usual floats around $2.50. This is in somewhat rural Alabama, USA. In cities it’s 87, 90, and 93 ethanol. We have to hunt for ethanol free gas stations.
  4. Well I got it back together running but not idling. I go to put the front sprocket on and realize the output shaft threads are stripped[emoji17], I now know to look at that before hand. So I disassemble the bike again, I think for the third time, and split the cases. Put in a new output shaft, reassembled it and finally get to ride it. I mix 87 octane 100% gas ( I know, I’m in the process of getting 91) and premix to 40:1. I’ll only be trail riding so I think that’s enough. So I ride it and boy does it make my XR250R feel slow. The air screw was screwed all the way in, I backed it out about 1 1/2 turns so it now idles. I’m going to have to rejet it, it sputters 1/4 to 1/2 throttle but it’s hard for me to tell if it’s running rich or lean, this is my first two stroke. I’m not going to mess with anything until I get 91 octane. Any tips would be appreciated. After this pic I adjusted the chain.
  5. Yeah I really don’t understand why people buy kits when it’s really simple to rig yourself and it just looks a lot better. My plate is bolted on the fender also. But of coarse in Alabama I didn’t even have to have it inspected [emoji57]. All I really had to do to ride it was install the brake light and put a folding mirror on (which is a piece of crap). The cops around here really don’t care, they just see that I have a tag and continue on. Waving at them helps also.
  6. Yes I am. The taillight has a spot for a brake light wire to be soldered in. I put a banjo bolt on the rear brake, one wire is connected to the running light wire which has power constantly, the other goes to where it has to be soldered in. I could pull my seat off if you need pictures of how it’s wired. It’s pretty slick in my opinion.
  7. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/tail-brake-turn/1157-led-bulb-dual-function-27-smd-led-tower-bay15d-bulb/2625/ This is what I use on my 2002 XR250R. Works great
  8. I ended up going with 13/45. I got a new chain and then shortened it. It’s perfect for me.
  9. I did 150 mile loop yesterday on my XR250R traveling mainly backroads and was back home to eat lunch. Anything can be a adventure bike if you try[emoji106]
  10. Mailed a copy of the bill of sale, a check, and Vermont’s registration application to one of Vermont’s dmv. About 5 weeks later I got a Vermont tag and registration. Waited about a month then transferred it to Alabama. In all it costed about $150.
  11. +1 for the TW200, my uncle has two and he weighs 300+. One is geared down, one is stock.
  12. Could you register it in another state and transfer it to California? I registered my XR250R in Vermont and transferred it to Alabama.
  13. Actually I think the carb is off brand, no markings, only says “PWK.”
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