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Tomsqvarna is back?

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  1. Tomsqvarna is back?

    Random California picture thread related to motorcycles

    Hey warden of the north. Can you get messages?
  2. Tomsqvarna is back?

    troy meadows

    Are you heading up this season?
  3. Tomsqvarna is back?

    The Warden retakes the North!!

    I know exactly where this is. I places a tracking chip in you while you were sleeping off another drunken stupor at Bonita Meadows a few years back. I probed you the same way the aliens did. You probably don't remember that either. HEE HAW
  4. Tomsqvarna is back?

    PJ1 the only air filter cleaner to buy in California

    Now that explains a lot about your dogs. They feed on old dirty gas infused gophers.
  5. Tomsqvarna is back?

    Jaws Bone

    The jury is still out on The Anvil. 😍😘🤡
  6. Tomsqvarna is back?

    Jaws Bone

    I'd like to ride Donkey land. Rumor has Jimmy Boy is the man to see for a tour.
  7. Tomsqvarna is back?

    White wash camping questions

    Camping and riding there was fine. We got a spot above the sand section. We had perfect conditions and a full moon and plenty of stars. The place was pretty crowded but I heard that it is typically crowed Easter time. I can not get used to seeing children riding 2 up on quads with no helmet as well. Darwinian
  8. Tomsqvarna is back?

    White wash camping questions

    Any thumper talkers out there. Stop by for a beverage. I have a small class A motor home with a small single axle pull trailer with a large District 37 racing sticker on the back. My buddy has a 5th wheel toy hauler and Dodge truck.
  9. Tomsqvarna is back?

    Random California picture thread related to motorcycles

    I used to ride like him. Well I had the same helmet.
  10. Tomsqvarna is back?

    The Rincon

    What happens if you lose a guy on the way back. For instance one of the riders get stuck on a branch across the trail and decides it would be more fun to partake in some Dirt-bike PEE-PEE PORN!! It's a weird spectacle, I've seen it firsthand. Kind of like a Big Foot sighting.
  11. Tomsqvarna is back?

    White wash camping questions

    Great advice everyone. Thanks and stop by for a beverage or snack if you are in the area.
  12. Tomsqvarna is back?

    utah White wash camping questions

    Taking quick trip to white wash 4-18 thru 4-21. Will be driving our 29 foot class A motor home pulling a small enclosed trailer behind. I’ve heard on here somewhere the road in can be washed out or something. Anyone with recent/local knowledge of the area would super appreciated. My buddy will be pulling a pretty big 5th wheel toy hauler with flipped axles so he should be cool. If anyone has coordinates of a good camping spots would be great. BTW I’ve pulled the motor home into and camped at the trail head at 5 miles of hell on 2 different occasions without incident. But that was pretty rutted one of the times. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tomsqvarna is back?

    CA Race thread

    That $1000 purse is mine!!
  14. Tomsqvarna is back?

    Arizona RIde ( Wild Cat,Mile Marker) in Feburary

    I was scared more by all the cactus!
  15. Tomsqvarna is back?

    A couple of So Cal Knuckleheads want to vacation in Colorado

    SW part of the state sounds terrible. Is there a specific area to stay away from? 😁 pm me if you’re nervous.