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    '03 z400 won't run unless on choke

    it will only run on choke, dies if you try to turn the choke off, or hit the gas... No matter how long it runs.. Opened the carb up, it was a green tint to it and the choke plunger was gunked up, a nice ring of dirt on the needle. Tried to douse and scrub with carb and choke cleaner... No result. I didn't have an piano wire or something to put in the jets to make sure they are clear... Suspect some corosion or dirt clogging at least the pilot jet Going to replace bolth the main and the pilot... and try again... now to figure out what size jets to use
  2. I've got an '03 z400. It won't start unless you have the choke on, then it will idle, but if you give it any gas, it dies immediately, well as dies if you turn the choke off. I've done the plug, and fresh gas... .etc... I seem to remeber this is a common problem. Hoping to not re-invent the wheel Thanks
  3. Installing 39mm carb on an '03 ktm 525SX Thinking about using my EMN needle, 45 pilot and a 165 main... I'm about 700ft above sea level.
  4. Zerotact

    2003 Ktm 525sx

    Thanks again....
  5. Zerotact

    2003 Ktm 525sx

    OK, Headed to colorado next weekend abouve 10k most peple say bump the pilot up a set then take a step down on the main... So 45 pilot, and 165 main?
  6. Zerotact

    2003 Ktm 525sx

    Oh well, I've got a needle coming from D L Performance in Quebec, Canada
  7. Zerotact

    2003 Ktm 525sx

    I think it's a OBDTN but I'd have to check again.
  8. Zerotact

    2003 Ktm 525sx

    Crap! I called sudco and the EMN needle is all backordered....
  9. Zerotact

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer on an SM?

    Why re-invent the wheel? My drz400SM has had oversized bars and a steering dampner since the 1st month I've had the bike. ( last AUG). You do not need a new triple clamp to run oversized bars. Like most of you, I called arround and no one seemed very helpfull with telling me what I needed. Until I called Emig Racing... Thier Response was " Sure, no problem " http://www.emigracing.com/drz400sm.htm
  10. Zerotact

    My BPD Radaitor guards are here!!

    No problems with the install.
  11. What kinda reccomendations do you have for a 2003 KTM 525SX It's got a 41mm FCR, all my friends have 39mm's. So I don't have any guidlines, @ ~ 1000ft
  12. Zerotact

    My BPD Radaitor guards are here!!

    Yes they are Solid Billet Aluminum (6061) Since they are out of solid aluminum, the radiator goes into a cavity machined out of the chunk.. You'd have to crush the whole chunk... I've had a set of these on my KTM 200 all season, and they've kept my radiators in shape... Despite some unplanned head on contact with a few trees.
  13. My radiator guards showed up!!! www.bulletproofdesigns.com
  14. A 2T will raise engine speed at idle when it's leaned out... Is that what you might be talking about...
  15. I got to the point were I could not stand the neutered power delivery of the stock DRZ400SM. Being the tightwad that I am, I didn't want to spend the money for a jet kit when that's money I could save up for a FCR. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I called arround to some local shops. By 10am I was back home with a # 25 pilot, and a #155 main and only $8 lighter in the wallet. By 11:30 the bike was back together, and idling ( Those bowl screws really do need to go ASAP ). The bike will suddenly lift the front wheel off the ground in 1st gear... Any other fine tunning I can do without shelling out for a jet kit? DRZ400SM Stock CV 155 Main / 25 Pilot Yosh Ti system