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  1. zmaxx

    Vortex ECU for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    Just ordered a Vortex and full Yoshimura exhaust yesterday from Tokyomods and am really excited. Justin at Tokyomods was extremely helpful and friendly. So far would give Tokyomods and Justin an excellent rating. Can't wait for the Vortex to arrive. Exhaust was shipped out yesterday.
  2. zmaxx

    Vortex ECU for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    Getting ready to order a Vortex. Just curious how you can get it reflashed if/when they come out with new and improved maps.
  3. zmaxx

    Vortex ECU for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    Good news talked to Tokyomods yesterday and they said that the shipment would be in today and they would start shipping the ECUs out today.
  4. zmaxx

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    Contacted FMF today and they said that they were working on a crf450l specific exhaust.
  5. https://thumpertalk.com/reviews/vehicle/46778-honda-crf450l-2019/?do=findReview&review=21354
  6. zmaxx

    Honda CRF450L 2019

    I actually put money down on the crf450l back in August and it arrived here in early October. If not for a generous trade in on a versys 650 I probably wouldn't have jumped on a $10000 dual sport. When I first heard about the crf450l I stopped by my local dealer and they informed me that they already had a down payment on the one that they had coming in. When I got back from my trip to the Black Hills this year I was informed that the guy had backed out and after discussing it with my local trusted kawasaki dealer I decided to put a down payment on it. A little background on me I grew up with an few enduros and then took a number of years off from riding altogether. 10-12years ago I purchased a used xr650l and it was okay but I decided I wanted a plated xr650r so spent sometime looking for one and found a 2001 that still had the original tires on it and wasn't even uncorked yet. I really like that bike but after taking it on our annual trip to the Black Hills I decided that I needed the magic button bad knee from an old football injury makes kick starting a complete pain in the knee. So I found a plated 07 crf450x which has been an excellent bike and pretty much everything that I could possible want until the crf450l was announced and then I started daydreaming about an updated bike to replace the crf450x. Part of the blame is my brother. My brother is a KTM fan and has had an 08 500exc and currently owns a 2015 500exc. Riding that fuel injected KTM convinced me that I needed to upgrade but I am an unapologetic Honda fan so I didn't really even consider aKTM. Onto the Crf450l. I rode the Versys in to trade and rode the Crf450l home. First impression what a beauty I mean the Elle is as nice looking of a dual sport as I have ever seen. Love the blinkers and the LED headlight and the build quality was better than I expected. The dealer fired the bike up and had to "choke" it to get it started even though they had it running before which kind of surprised me. I let the bike warm up and off we were on our first 20 mile ride. The next noticeable thing for me was the incredibly snatchy throttle. At that point I was thinking what did I get into I mean it was unbelievable to me that the fueling was that poorly done. Stopped a few times had to show it off to a few people and had to get fuel thought the dealer could have filled it up for me but I guess not. Varied the revs going down the highway on the way home and the bike seemed to behave quite nicely on the pavement. Got to my corner from the pavement to my gravel road and pulled in the clutch and the motor just died again I thought what in the hell did I just buy and why didn't I at least consider the KTM. Got it home and parked it in the garage and man was that header hot. Not only was the header hot the muffler with the built in catalytic converter was ungodly hot I mean 15 minutes after the bike was shutdown you couldn't even touch the muffler. I have put more miles on the bike and after adjusting the idle up to around 1800 rpm the snatchy throttle is better and I have not had the flame out issue again. The stock ergos seemed quite good to me on the bike and will have to get some real off road seat time on the bike before I would change anything. When deciding on the Crf450l I actually thought about the X but went with the elle because I assumed that it would be easy to get the Crf450l to the X performance by replacing the exhaust and getting a vortex or tuner of some sort which I would end up doing with the X anyway so it made sense to me. The suspension seems to be somewhat undersprung for me being 6 2 and around 230. I will have to spend some more time trying to get that sorted out once the weather improves around here. It is January in Iowa after all. The seat has not really bothered me at all I mean it is in most aspects a dirt bike seat but it is definitely not as comfortable as the Xr650r but doesn't really seem that much different than my current X's seat. Not a real fan of the stock tires but will probably wait a while before I replace them probably will be adding rim locks at that time as well. Somewhat surprised that handguards were not include on the bike also. The display is pretty neat with the mpg features but would have liked to have seen a tach. I guess you get used to having it trailtech on the XR and acewell on the X so I suppose I will get used to not having one now. All in all I am pretty pleased with the new bike I mean there are a few things that still need to be sorted out but I knew that going in. I will definitely be upgrading the exhaust and the ECU as soon as possible not necessarily for more power but to smooth out the throttle and to fix the super lean factory condition also I definitely want to get rid of the muffler with the built in catalytic converter. Will post more as I get more time on the bike and get more things done to it.