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    I play guitar and write music. Do poured wall concrete foundations. Am an accomplished tattoo artist with over 6 years experience in the field. Enjoy watching/teaching my little girl to ride most of all though!

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  1. Supercross

    You know full well before it's said and done Dungey will be begging Honda for a ride!
  2. Supercross

    You can't seriously believe that is what they did...the entire cylinder and head were redesigned along with a laundry list of other upgrades and new features. You should really think about what you say before you go looking foolish again.
  3. Supercross

    Ooh such profanity! Better be careful, if your mom sees that you're using that potty mouth she's gonna take your computer away again.
  4. Supercross

    Hey, every once in a while even a blind squirrel finds a nut, leave the spec alone.
  5. Supercross

    The Honda looked better than them orange bikes,Moose almost lost it on the first lap and Dingey on the last.
  6. Supercross

    Another classic beloved by all of the "I don't have anything to say, but I'm going to anyway" mafia. Grow up,put the meth pipe down,turn off the Xbox and go to school before you try to get on my level kiddo!
  7. Supercross

    They are pretty damn ugly...you got me there sport!
  8. Supercross

    First thing to get correct is that the discussion pertains to the new redesigned 450, the 250's don't get the upgrade until next year. As for the 2t comment, it makes me sick to see them go but I feel with continued pressure from the epa the decline of the smokers will continue across the board. Oh yeah, and the '17 450crf has a button for those that can't muster the power to kick it over.
  9. Supercross

    You know the lacklustre statement was for a hook. There's no doubt that KTM has been the domineering force in virtually every facet of the industry. I am in no way implying that they are dominating as a whole, my point is more in line with the realization of a renewed hope for HRC. I enjoy the banter and rhetoric, that's all man.
  10. Supercross

    The compression ratio is 13.5:1 on the new bike compared to the old rate of 12.5:1, this increases the efficiency of transferring the energy from the combustion process into tangible horsepower. I feel you are confused and lonely, you should get a cat or take up knitting. You're not cut out for this!
  11. Supercross

    Figures your one of those rainbow flag waving weirdos but keep your flirtatious comments to yourself.
  12. Supercross

    Damn sparky, I'm sorry I didn't realize you were mentally challenged.
  13. Supercross

    Kinda the same thing going on here with your illogical comment. Its the same scenario for virtually every team, if their star rider goes down their hopes are gone too. It's always been like that. If Dungey goes out will Moose be able to ride at his caliber? No!
  14. Supercross

    It's definitely the bike that's faster, you should educate yourself more before you stick your foot in your mouth like that again there sparky. You'll see...
  15. Supercross

    What is stupid is your interpretation of my characterization of the "RISE TO DOMINANCE ". That's what the point of the thread is. If you're one of those candy a#s KTM sluts it's simple, don't read my posts! Your opinion doesn't matter to me any more than lame attempt at analyzing the results. It has definitely been more than 2 races that the Honda has been atop the podium, or do you not follow this stuff for real? The new Honda with 11% more hp, higher compression rate, lower center of gravity and other improvements have and will continue to be the thorn in the side of KTM, whether you and your crybaby cohorts like it or not!