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  1. Kiwi Jack

    2008 klx450r

    Cheers ozglenn happy straya day, how much would you sell it for and shipping to New Zealand would be costly wouldn't it
  2. Kiwi Jack

    2008 klx450r

    How easy will it be for me to work out the jetting
  3. Kiwi Jack

    2008 klx450r

    Yea standard jetting, what exhaust would you recommend
  4. Kiwi Jack

    2008 klx450r

    Cheer guys, my 450 overheats and sprays coolant out of the radiator, what do I do so it runs cooler? Most of my riding is from sea level to 2000 ft
  5. Kiwi Jack

    2008 klx450r

    I've just got a 2008 klx450r and was wondering what the best oils to use are and can I fit newer(2013-2016) kxf front and rear fenders? Cheers
  6. Mate of mine put a 1985 suzuki ts 185 motor in it today haha cool little bike
  7. Okay cheers I'll have a look at a 300 and compare
  8. Would it be easy enough to fabricate some engine mounts? Crank case cracked ,bearings gone, clutch smashed its self, chewed up 4 gears and the shaft, was just a whole pile of shrapnel. It's pretty much every part in the bottom end needs replacing
  9. Just looking at my options first, I can get the 300 engine for under 1.5k but just wondering if it'll fit and if it's much effort, otherwise I will part it out
  10. Has anyone fitted a Ktm exc 300 engine to a Ktm exc 200 frame and was it much work to make it fit? My 200 engine blew the bottom end to bits and just in parts it is going to cost me 4000nzd so about 3000usd but I've found a cheap 300 engine and could do with more power anyway. Cheers
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