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  1. bunchz71

    1999 KTM65 Crankshaft

    They must have just posted that haha. Jk. THANK YOU. I have found a lot of 03-08 but have not found any that said 99-08. I thought they were two different designs. Thanks again
  2. bunchz71

    1999 KTM65 Crankshaft

    Cant find a wiseco kit anywhere on the net.
  3. bunchz71

    1999 KTM65 Crankshaft

    Just picked up a 1999 KTM65 for cheap. Had a mild knock on one of the rid bearings. I am wanting to get a new crank and rod assembly for it but have had zero luck finding one. I can get rhe rod kit but I am having teouble finding someone that can press the pin out and to true it back? Any recommendations? Appreciate any help I can get.
  4. bunchz71

    2006 TTR=50E wont idle-down properly

    Here is the link to the one I got it from and where I got it from. Looks OEM to me. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/2006/TT-R50E+ELECTRIC+-+TTR50EV/CARBURETOR/parts.html
  5. bunchz71

    2006 TTR=50E wont idle-down properly

    Sorry to beat an old topic guys, but I have an issue with my 2006 TTR 50E dirt bike. Just a little history to clarify what I have done. 1. Bought the dirt bike in a not-running condition. Piston was siezed in cylinder. Freed piston but had no compression. Disassembled and found rings seized in piston and not free. Cylinder looked OK. Had to buy new piston and rings. Honed cylinder, replaced piston and rings. 2. Carburetor was unrepairable. It had set and was full of water. Soaked it in Parts Cleaner and nothing would clean parts. Had to replace carburetor with NEW. 3. Got engine running, Engine starts good with choke, (idles way fast with choke on), when choke is off, engine will idle down. When you rev engine, it takes a good 5-10 seconds for the engine to idle back down. I have read forums till I was blue in the face. I have had engine, warmed up, with choke off, and idle speed. Sprayed Brake Cleaner around all intake areas where an "air leak" could be possible. No changes in speed at idle and motor sounds same. Rev engine up and it takes several seconds to idle back down. I have replaced all the O-Rings on carb and intake. No change. I am about to the point where I am about to make this dirt bike a Tannerite Target (haha, not really). I am to the point of frustration where I dont know what else to do. I am very mechanically inclined, just not having any luck with my issue. I have disassembled and reassembled the brand new carb at least 5 times (no kidding) and nothing is plugged and nothing looks out of place. I have also confirmed my throttle cable is NOT sticking and is operating freely. 4. I took the air breather off and it seems to have a small popping sound coming from the carb. Not sure if it could possibly be a leaking valve ? I have checked the intake and exhaust valve clearance and both are in specs. Although its in specs, it doesnt mean they are not leaking. WHAT ELSE could the problem be ? This thing is driving me crazy. Someone please help me lol TIA Bunchz71