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  1. mixgashaulbass

    Motion pro coolant catch can location

    I have a 15 kx450 and am trying to install the motion pro coolant catch can. From what I can see it needs to be mounted horizontally in order to work correctly. Was going to mount in front of the engine on the frame but my skid plate won't allow it. Also tried under the seat but again there is no way to mount it vertically. It is possible that I could mount it on the bottom of the left radiator but I'm not sure how to mount it to not damage the radiator. I'm also worried about melting the can. Any thoughts on where I could put it? Saw a post on another thread where a guy put it under the rear fender but I'm really wanting to keep it fairly concealed.
  2. mixgashaulbass

    Life expectancy of an 85

    Will do. It's getting a top end and possibly a 105 kit just for preventative maintenance here soon
  3. mixgashaulbass

    What’s the motorcycle you regret buying?

    Same here. Regret buying a magna. Came out ok when I sold it but it was a piece.
  4. mixgashaulbass

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    What rear tire are you running? Looks pretty mean
  5. mixgashaulbass

    Life expectancy of an 85

    How often did you do cranks?
  6. mixgashaulbass

    Adding a light bar to a KX450F?

    I'm wanting to add an LED pod or light bar to my 15 kx450. What wires would I tap into to power it? With the stock stator how big of a light could it handle? Thanks in advance
  7. mixgashaulbass

    Life expectancy of an 85

    I have a 450. Just wanting a play bike.
  8. mixgashaulbass

    Life expectancy of an 85

    Just picked up an 09 kx85, I got it to mess around on like a pitbike. It has great compression as of now. But I weigh about 190 and am obviously too big for it. I haven't done much to it yet but I'm planning on running amsoil intercepter 40/1 (that sound ok?) I don't ride it wide open all the time. Mostly just putting around. How many hours do you guys think I should be able to get out of a top end on this bike?
  9. One of the best deals I ever had was my buddy had an 02 yz250f that lost spark. He told me that everything in the engine was new and I knew him good enough to believe it. I paid $200 (that's right 200) brought it home, took the stator cover off and the stator literally fell out. The nut backed off the crank and sheared the fltwheel key. A trip to the hardware store and 50 cents later I had it running great. The next day I sold it to my neighbor for $1200 lol Sent from my Z956 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  10. Also, I ride constantly. I live on a lot of land so I ride pretty much every day
  11. The way I do it the hobby pays for itself completely. I usually even make a couple Grand or so a year. I have been buying selling and trading bikes/quads for years and have tons of fun doing so. That being said I usually make upwards of $400 per machine that I flip. At any time I will usually have 2/3 bikes in my garage with the sole purpose of flipping them. This completely pays for my gas/tires/top ends/gear/gas for my truck and any expenses that come with dirt/street riding. I have another job that pays for other expenses but I haven't lost a dime riding bikes. I've just made some money and honed my mechanical skills in the mean time.
  12. mixgashaulbass

    Opinions on this bike. WR 200

    Go buy it I had the opportunity to buy one just like that for a little of nothing. Didn't do it and have regretted it ever since. I think they're awesomeness bikes.
  13. Hey, doing a top end on a 2003 400ex. Getting a new cylinder and all. On all the 2 strokes I've rebuilt I've oiled the cylinder but I was reading on a 4 stroke page that most people assembly the top end dry to ensure that the rings seat. Which method should I use? Wet or dry? Also, how should I break it in? Thanks in advance
  14. mixgashaulbass

    Odd power issue on 2018 250xc

    Well that almost sounds like jetting
  15. mixgashaulbass

    Odd power issue on 2018 250xc

    Double check your reeds, my buddy's 17 300xc chipped a reed at low hours and it had comparable problems.