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  1. Thanks I'll take a look
  2. Yea, just put mine on this past weekend. Mounted the forward straps on the frame (yes the part about a half inch from the exhaust header). I think it will be fine, as it's super tight, but I wrapped the straps with some tape for the time being just in case. Plan to wrap it with some heat shield tape in the future. The crossbar above is a little too high in my opinion. It's solid as a rock. Won't budge at all. So far very impressed. Side note: even with the heat shield on the exhaust, the shield still slightly melted the vinyl. I'm gonna throw some heat tape on the underside of the right bag where it rests on the heat shield as well. That shit must get crazy hot.
  3. Live in San Diego, so most riding will be in SoCal. Rains not really a huge concern. I'll use a dry bag for stuff on the inside, or if there is torrential downpour, just remove the bag.
  4. Hey, anyone running a tank bag? I'm thinking of adding a wolfman or GL bag, but after looking, the mounting straps would go straight over the top of the radiator. Me thinks it would probably melt the straps. I suppose I could add some shielding... anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Ooooh, got it. Well good to know it's reliable source and working good on someone's bike. Thanks!
  6. Yea, that's what I did for the other screw. But the first one had already succumbed to my rage lol.
  7. So I've got a 17 501 and experienced the same thing. On the street when stopped at a light for a long time it would get too hot and the check engine light would come on. I adjusted my TPS from .55 (stock) up to .62 and it hasn't happened since. Everything else is stock. It does also seem to be happier in the lower rev range. Not a significant change in power anywhere though, but again, still completely stock intake, exhaust, etc. And stock ECU map. EDIT: I also stripped the top screw of the TPS cover during the PITA process. They locktited the shit out of those little screws. In the end, I left it out, and have just the bottom screw on the cover. This way I won't need to rotate the Throttle Body again if I need to readjust.
  8. Ooooh, got it. Well good to know it's reliable source and working good on someone's bike. Thanks!
  9. Hey beared, that's good to hear. So what did you end up doing for tuning? PC, new map, etc.? Or are you running the full system with no other changes?! That seems crazy to me, maybe I misunderstood..
  10. So I noticed that Power Commander now has a couple maps listed for the PCV for the FE501. One of them is for a FMF 4.1 slip on and stock intake. Has anyone thats added the FMF tried out this map with a PCV yet? Or just running it with TPS adjustment? Or something else?
  11. Hey Sirthumpsalot, along the same line of questioning, what's your opinion on leaving the cover off completely? I mean it doesn't provide an water proofing, and there are other similar connections that are exposed. I feel like it's there solely to make the adjustment more difficult..
  12. Good to hear rally. How did you go about accessing the plug? Did you just loosen the clamp for the throttle body and rotate it CC? Or did you have to disconnect everything completely?
  13. I agree, I'm not a fan of this guy, as he spends 90% of his videos trying to sell his products. And as an Electronics Tech by trade, I also agree with your assessment about the adjustment process. While he is correct in that you may see fluctuations in the initial voltage reading between hook ups, it's the change in value that matters. Adjust it, test it. If its not good enough, hook it back up and adjust again by another similar margin. It doesn't matter if it is being adjusted from .65 to .67, or .68 to .70, it's the same shit.
  14. Not sure if the FCs are the same as the FE, but I believe they are for 2017... I brought my new FE501 home yesterday and had a look. The TPS is located behind a black cover now directly on the side of the throttle body. It seems that in order to remove the cover and expose the plug, you have to loosen and rotate the throttle body. I haven't done it yet, as I'm waiting to put an exhaust and plug the emissions first, but you can find some more info. over in the "2017 FE501 arrived" thread. The locations for TPS are the same on the whole range of FE, and I think its the same on the FCs. If I get a chance to take it apart tonight, I will post some pics. Also, word from the other thread is that the 2017s are using Model 3 of the TPStool. I will verify and post when I get a chance. EDIT This vid does a decent job of showing the location, though it looks just a little different than my husky.