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  1. chandic

    shifting problems

    Ok, I will check - thanks!
  2. chandic

    shifting problems

    hi, i got into problems shifting gears - when the lever is moved, it does not get any sound or feedback - sometimes the gear is in, but mostly it is difficult to get it in. Is there any chance of inspecting the transmission without getting the engine out of the bike? on WR450 2008? thanks!
  3. chandic

    starting issue

    the final result was that the exhaust cam was damaged - or better said the toothed wheel was moved, which was difficult to spot. but it made the timing completely wrong...
  4. chandic

    starting issue

    Ok! I will get myself a new battery and give it a try! Thanks!
  5. chandic

    starting issue

    This is precisely how i have the cams set. The issue is not only that the starter can not move it, but it is also difficult with the leg. At the TDC that was happening even before, but now it seems much more difficult for both starter and leg even before the TDC. In my opinion the cams are set properly, and i checked also the decompression on the cam and when dismounted it works just fine. Maybe i am doing something "little" wrong... And at the end the engine does not start...
  6. chandic

    starting issue

    That is what I thought too. But the rotor sign I is on the mark, when the dots on the cams are as in the manual - on the side and top... I will check again. Is there anything I could just be missdoing?
  7. chandic

    starting issue

    Hi, on my wr450 2008 i did a quite complete engine "renewal". I now have renovated crankshaft, new athena big bore and a renovated head and adjusted valves. The issue is, I can not start the engine at all. When there is no spark plug it is easy to turn the engine around, but once I get the spark plug in the starter can hardly turn the engine around or does not at all. And even with the leg it is very difficult to turn it. It feels like if the compression is too big and there is no power to get through it... I have rechecked everything twice and the camshaft is adjusted according to the manual. Obviously the cylinder and the valve are new, but can it really get this difficult to move? What can I be doing wrong? Thx! Tomas
  8. i did that and it was ok! thanks!
  9. Hi Guys, so I ended up put the valves out and checking it all again. In the end I found out that in the workshop, where they have been doing the valve seats they have switched the center valve for the one on the side. The center one is shorter so that was the problem. Now I have the shims 155, 155 and 160. I think that the reason the shims are rather small is not the valve but the seat already quite low. Any method how to check the valves are OK? They told me in the workshop they seem OK, but i dont believe them much after this valve swap... And just the fact that the shims are small does not necessarily play much role, as also the seats have been cut/grinded... thanks! tomas
  10. Hi, when setting the valve clearance I found out that on the middle intake valve the adjusting pad is already the smallest one - 1.20. The clearance I measure is almost nothing - I can not insert a 0,03 measure. I can get the pad grinded to 1.05. But what i see as the biggest problem is, that if I put everything together without the pad, the clearance is 0.13. That would be perfect, but is is without the pad... Any ideas what should I do? Thanks!!!
  11. chandic

    Building a flat tracker from WR450 2008

    Well, if i see I spend much time flattracking, I would go for YZ, but for now I ant to save money and give a try with the WR for a season or two... Also my idea is to have two sets of front forks with wheel, one for Enduro and one for FT. Clearly it is not going to be the best bike for FT, but I thought it might be just ok to try season of training and few races... I already tried it with the Enduro set up and just no front brake and FT rear wheel. It was a lot of fun, but with the mx front wheel and being very high it is hard to ride... So mainly I want to sort out how to prepare the front torks, low budget way, to make it work as good as possible. Than maybe next season I would go a bit more professional way...
  12. chandic

    Building a flat tracker from WR450 2008

    Thanks for the tip, but that is rather far for me. I am in Europe... The transport costs would be too high. I might just start by doing it myself with a little help of a local service shop and I will see...
  13. chandic

    Building a flat tracker from WR450 2008

    OK, great, thanks! I will try a suspension shop anyway, but nobody really prepares FT here. I know some guys get it done somewhere in Austria, but this costs a little too much for my needs. In the end, I think, I will try the heat shrinking first with some old spring and let´s see! I have found mostly they are shortening the front by 6 inch, is that what you did too? thanks!
  14. chandic

    Yamaha WR450F (2008)


    first offroad, bought used, overall very happy, just now struggling with engine issues feels bit heavy and big sometimes
  15. chandic

    Yamaha WR450F 2008

    first offroad, bought used, overall very happy, just now struggling with engine issues feels bit heavy and big sometimes