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  1. 69fastback

    Dallas area trail riders?

    Hit me up when you want to go to red river. I was going to go tomorrow but it’s supposed to rain all day long.
  2. 69fastback

    Motorcycle Dealerships... is it me???

    Funny story. I went to a delaership today with a dirt dirt bike in the bed of my truck, and enough cash in my wallet to make a trade and pay for a new YZ250X. I was one of three customers in the dealership, and I stood lookin at the 250x and 250fx for literally 20 minutes and not one person talked to me. Not a single word. I left. My KTM dealership (adventure moto in McKinney Texas) is AWESOME. Those guys are great, so I may just end up buying another KTM.
  3. 69fastback

    Looking to get into enduro...

    This is spot on. Some people will always be a hater. I’ve traditionally always ridden Yamahas, and have a KTM now. There’s no denying by any rational thinking person that KTM builds a nice piece. Your comments on the counterbalance are borderline ridiculous. The difference in vibration and tractability are drastic. It’s funny the way you refer to KTMs as “dirt Harley’s” when you’re sporting a boutique bike. I’m about to buy a new bike (undetermined brand for now), and I’ve got some time on a 2017 GAS GAS. They’re not for me. It’s not even on my short list. That doesn’t make it a bad bike at all, but different stroke for different folks. KTM makes a nice bike.
  4. 69fastback

    What are you paying OTD for a YZ250x?

    It's just time for a change, and $3K less than a new KTM is quite enticing.
  5. All good points, but to be fair let’s review what has mostly already beeen declared. Yes, I’m willing to give up sixth gear. As stated, I lug down low and I’m pretty sure my bike has never been in sixth gear. As stated previously, I’ve never had e start so I’m not giving up anything The counterbalance is awesome but I’ve never owned s bike with one, so yes The torque is what this thread was about I don’t know I’m not sold on FI. the carb’d bikes run great, so yes I can give that The hydraulic clutch I can give up The big fuel tank serves no purpose where I ride so yes I can give it jp
  6. 69fastback

    What are you paying OTD for a YZ250x?

    I have an extremely mint '11 300xc. If I walk in and offer my bike plus $4500 am I completely out of line, or is that realistic? Are there any differences between the '18 and '19?
  7. I hear what you're saying, but hear me out for a second. The 250x uses a different head and pipe than the standard YZ, which moves the power down in the RPM range. Secondly, the '11 300xc is a bit of a unicorn. It has exceptional suspension because it has the new frame with CC forks and PDS. It's actually a bike some look for.
  8. I've ridden a Beta and a Gas Gas, and being 6'2", neither were comfortable to me. Not many dealers her either.
  9. For those who don’t mind sharing, what are you paying OTD? A local dealer has a leftover ‘18 but they’re asking $7499. I was hoping to grab it for a little less.
  10. I currently have a very well maintained, excellent condition ‘11 300xc, but I want a new bike. Like brand new. I mostly ride technical trails in north Texas. A lot of sand, a lot of rocks, with no real elevation changes but some pretty gnarly short hill climbs. I don’t ride fast anymore, because my job and providing for my family is my top priority. I still have fun but have toned it back a lot as to simply mitigate the inherent risk. I love the grunt of the 300, and I’ve ridden a few 17+ 300s and the counterbalance is amazing, but in the past I’ve always like the KYBs on the Yamahas a little more than the KTM suspension. I don’t really care about the estart as my 300 had it removed before I even bought it. 2 strokes are easy. One concern I have is being disappointed with the powerplant on the Yamaha over the counterbalanced KTM motors. There are never any demo days around here to test the Yamahas, so it makes it tough. The 250x is considerably cheaper than the KTM, and I’m kind of leaning towards giving it a try solely based on that, but I’m just afraid I’ll regret it. I’m self admittedly a lugger. Like a lot of people, I ride the 300 a gear high and lug it around, but it does great at that. Thoughts from peoole who have ridden both?
  11. You riding with Cole, Noble, Jimmie, and that group?
  12. 69fastback

    Cleaning a Bike

    I hope you like dust stuck to everything.
  13. 69fastback

    Tomac Injured

    No bueno!
  14. 69fastback

    Four stroke to 2 stroke

    I didn’t see anyone call a 4t “worthless.” Did you insert that word yourself, and get all worked up over nothing just because some people like riding a 2t more?
  15. I wouldn’t run K&N on my lawn mower. They sure are good at marketing, but unfortunately they aren’t real good at making air filters that actually filter the air.