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  1. Baron Von Beard


    This is retarded. Change it when it quits working.
  2. Baron Von Beard

    Pipe change Jetting???

    I must demand that no one make referrence to my name whilst I am gone. Don't sport my name in your posts to justify you opinions, thank you. BTW - It is my opinion that you should shoot yourself in the foot and sell your bike.
  3. Baron Von Beard

    My 450 ran a 13.00@98mph!!

    I am still alive only more of a dick. Like I said, who gives a flying rat's? Ride yer scoot on a MX track like it's meant and no one gets hurt. Otherwise sell it to someone who's not a dill and buy a Ninja 250. Oh, in case I didn't say, I thought the TT Ride thing was a sham and did nuthin but suck some promoter junk. I could care less about some crap prizes. Give me a track and some friends and all is good. BTW - backstabbers need not apply. Oh, Dave, I love you.
  4. Baron Von Beard

    My 450 ran a 13.00@98mph!!

    Who cares.
  5. Baron Von Beard

    Need a 05 + YZ250 pipe.

    Hey guys, I mangled my stock 05 YZ pipe and was hoping someone had a good one laying around that I could buy from them. PM me if you have something.
  6. I like things the way they are. Stop with all the FI, alum. tanks and fast people. Slow and steady loses the race as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Baron Von Beard

    random front brake sponginess

    The plunger could be torn causing it to fold and not hold pressure intermittently. The front brake is too important, I'd rebuild the master with a new plunger and put some fresh fluid in there.
  8. Baron Von Beard

    GEARING CRF at 14-53???

    I had to slot the mounting holes and chop damn near half of the opening toward the rear to get it to clear the 53 toother and it still had enough drag to wear the guide insert in a month or so.
  9. Baron Von Beard

    GEARING CRF at 14-53???

    When I ran this gearing with the 116 link chain I had to chop the hell out of my stock chain guide for it to work. Getting a TM Designworks guide is probably the best way to handle this issue.
  10. Baron Von Beard

    Oil in Airbox

    This being nice business is tougher than I thought! I'm not hatin' on anyone, I just thought it was funny. No offense to anyone.
  11. Baron Von Beard

    Valve check after new top end???

    You added "Old and New". That's why I didn't know what you were talking about before.
  12. Baron Von Beard

    Oil in Airbox

  13. Baron Von Beard

    Attn: Shawn Mc Re: Mrd

    Aawww crap! Sack up and tell yer ol' lady it ain't worth the paper! Problem solved!
  14. Put a carbon pipe on that biatch and speed it the "F" up!
  15. Baron Von Beard

    Attn: Shawn Mc Re: Mrd