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  1. I hope this quick guide helps you repair your leaky clutch slave cylinder. My clutch master cylinder reservoir on my 2015 RS500 went dry on a ride. I refilled it twice and concluded that the slave "O" ring was leaking. First buy a Beta 1066520 000 "O" ring or equal. The size in the catalog is 23.52mm x 1.78mm, which converts to a standard commercially available Dash -021 "O" ring. Brake fluid requires you use an EPDM compound "O" ring. Mc Master Carr has them for about $10. Part number 9557K63. First clean the area around the slave cylinder, as you can see in my photos I forgot. Remove the three bolts holding the cylinder on and pull it off. Unhook/remove the rubber boot from the cylinder, leave it connected to the piston. Next squeeze the clutch lever which pushes the piston out. Clean piston and replace "O" ring. Using a "scotchbrite" pad clean the cylinder bore. Lube piston with new brake fluid and reassemble. Bolt to transmission, don't forget gasket. BLEEDING. Being a mechanic all my life I couldn't understand why you can't bleed by squeezing the clutch lever. When I had my Italian Husky I determined that the clutch lever doesn't give the master cylinder piston full stroke. So by removing the lever and pushing on the piston full stroke you can successfully bleed without any special tools. Remove lever, fill reservoir, push piston with appropriate tool, open bleeder, let air out close bleeder and repeat. It took me about 15 strokes to get all the air out. I've used this bleeding method at the campground with a stick to push the piston. Happy Riding Unhook boot Boot, piston and "O" ring. Clean with scotchbrite pad Reinstall piston and rubber boot. You can see spherical end on piston and tool to push it. A simple 1/4" drive socket and extension.
  2. I have a 2015 RS500. I installed a new Cyclops LED headlight bulb and noticed when I turned the bars to the left the headlight dimmed. I traced it to this ground junction in the main harness above the steering lock. I soldered on some extra wire and soldered the existing junction. I used adhesive lined heat shrink to cover the junction and provide strain relief. Hopefully this helps someone in the future with their electrical problems.
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    Can someone recommend a stock headlight bulb replacement

    I purchased the Cyclops CIL-LEDMD-3600 for my 2015 RS500 with a 100 watt stator. I wasn't too interested in the brighter light but more power for my heated grips. The stock H4 bulb is 60/55 watts. The Cyclops 3800 is 20 watts low beam and 30 watts high beam. So there is a savings of 30 watts, now with the heated grips on the bike charges at idle. I highly recommend this light. Stock low beam Cyclops 3800 low beam