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  1. Brettski

    blink code

    Yep, same here. Thanks for checking.
  2. Brettski

    blink code

    bike runs and idles great.
  3. Brettski

    blink code

    manual only shows EFI detection of emission or safety critical fault but not specifics
  4. Brettski

    blink code

    2017 ktm 250 exc-f, blink code reads 2 long followed by 2 short blinks. what does this mean?
  5. Brettski

    2017 exc-f

    Great, I have a 250 exc-f on order and my dealer is trying to not get my hopes up by giving false info. Looking forward to it specially with the recent rains and the dirt being perfect right now. Thanks for the updates
  6. Brettski

    2017 exc-f

    New to the forum, anybody have an idea when California air resource board is releasing the new 2017 KTM exc-f ?