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  1. I went with black and pretty happy with it
  2. I bought an 04 450r a couple months ago, it was converted to street legal and has headlights tail light and blinkers. The previous owner wired everything over top of the air filter, it looks like a huge mess and I want to re wire it, just wondering if anyone has done this and if there is a better spot to run the wires
  3. Ok cool I'm gonna try that! Thank you!
  4. It is not powder coated and yea I was wondering about just sealing it with in weld or something
  5. Btw my bike is an 04, picked it up two months ago
  6. Has anyone had a problem with oil leaking from there oil check window, I've searched this a bunch of times and have not found anything
  7. Here's my 04 crf450r street legal, my be old but it's new to me