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  1. Head gasket , base gasket. Valve seals . Header gasket . Rings .
  2. I'd just remove the head / cylinder . Double check the rings and throw in new valve seals while it's apart . Should be good
  3. I don't think its valve guides or seals . The low compression reading sounds like an issue with the rings . I had over 225psi with a bad valve seal . Typically valve seals do not affect compression
  4. Early in the post you said you had the cylinder "honed" . Then installed 2 sizes over piston . Did you give the machine shop the piston to test fit after they were done ?
  5. It sounds like something is worn in the camshaft / lifter area . I would take a closer look at that camshaft . A worn cam will make a tick noise . If the lobes have any wear
  6. Sounds like the rings aren't seating properly . Did you send in piston with the cylinder when you had it bored ?
  7. Some info for anyone who purchased a crf125f or fb and would like to re-spring the forks and rear shock . As many know , these bikes and sprung for very light weight riders and there is not much in the way of fork springs or shock spring . After doing some testing and measuring and a side by side comparison I found the following: Fork springs: Fork springs from a ttr125 (any year) are the same size as the crf125f and 125fb . There is a variety of options for this ( race tech , bbr etc) Rear shock The rear shock spring is the same length and Diameter of the xr/crf100 rear spring . Bbr makes a stiffer spring for the xr100 that I will swap over to my rear shock and post results .
  8. Yes , lean surging forsure . I got that dialed In by the main jet . I have another chart I need to dig up from lower rpm I meant to post here . Trying to show that proper carb set up can help huge down low aswell .
  9. Even tested it off idle rpms to full throttle and it was a complete dog . After this jetting was done it was night and day difference.
  10. There is the difference between a properly jetting carb and an improperly jetting carb . That is my bike hammered hard @ full throttle from low RPM. You will see before I had the jetting dialed in I was having similar bogging issues .
  11. Yes! That combination is excellent . Are you running the wiseco piston with the terry miller cam? . What is your gearing?
  12. I can dyno like that on my next run . My guess is that with the 03-05 needle @ 4th clip ,and the 120 main , you would be to rich down low and a terrible transition to a lean top end . Perhaps both needles in the 3rd clip would be a better test , or the power up needle in the 4th clip and the 03-05 needle in the 3rd clip . Because keep in mind that the 03-05 needle is a richer needle to begin with , so running it on the 4th clip would be wicked rich down low . Everyone's bike is different, but with my current set up , it looks like the best combination will be the power up needle @ 3rd clip , 45 pilot and 135 main . Will also test again when I do the piston change coming up .
  13. The main point in this post is that with the power up needle , you will need to richen up the main jet compared to the 03-05 needle . Jetting sizes will vary but I proved it with both needles . I ran the bike with the same jetting on both needles . With the power up needle I had a major lean bog that I had to tune out of it . Ended up going from the 120 to the 135 . This post just helps some people who run the 03-05 needle and can't figure out why they run fine on a jet much smaller then us guys with the power up needle . The power up needle is larger in diameter and leans out the bike after about 5000 rpm .
  14. I failed to mention that with the needle in the 4th clip and the 48 pilot it was to rich . ( wouldnt make much difference on the overall dyno numbers) . But for my next run i will most likely see an improvement down low with a 45 pilot and clip back in the 3rd . The jetting will most likely stay that way from there . Stay tuned because I am doing a back to back comparison of the stock oem Honda piston vs the wiseco 11:1 . Next weekend I will re-dyno this motor .In the morning I will drop the needle back to the 3rd and change to 45 pilot . Then I will strip the motor down and change nothing except this piston (and minor adjustments were needed) . Put the bike back on the dyno for the afternoon or late evening. This will be a great comparison because the motor already has all of the other mods needed ( porting , milled cylinder head , cam etc) , so we will get to see the difference in every aspect ( torque, hp , jetting changes ) Stay tuned !!
  15. Below is a direct comparison. The dark blue line is the run with the 135 main jet . The light blue line is the run with the 120 main jet . As you will be able to tell from the chart . It was nasty .