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  1. Thanks for that I'll get it checked out.
  2. To be honest i dont know how to check/test this
  3. All cables are good. Originally thought we had a problem with the wiring and replaced the wiring loom with no joy. We have disconnected the temp sensor in the back of the engine but again this made no difference.
  4. The pick up eye was replaced on the stator. I have no idea what one of those is but i was told the problem would be cured. I have also replaced the coil but again the bike lasts 10 mins before cutting out.
  5. Hi all Got a kxf250 2013 which we've had for about 4 months. About 6 weeks ago it started bogging down or just cutting out. Its been to Kawasaki dealer who plugged it in and the diagnostic showed 19 faults with the air pressure sensor. I was replaced and we took the bike out for a test and after 5 mins it started bogging down and cutting out again. we were leaving the bike to cool down and on the following rides out after 5 mins or so the same thing would happen again. could it be an issue when the bike is upto running temperature maybe ????????? Back to the dealers it went and this time the stator was removed and sent away for test. All was fine until they used an heat gun to warm it up and it was showing as faulty when hot. That was "fixed" and we got the bike back again only for the same thing to happen again after 5 mins or so. Any ideas where to look now please guys ?
  6. Hi all, got a 2013 kxf efi. Started to bog down and cut out when it gets wet, Will kick over first time only to bog down and cut out again. Been to local Kawasaki dealer and plugged into the diagnostics only to show no faults. ad all connections apart and everything looks as it should with no sign of water getting in. Apart from a wiring issue has anyone else had a similar problem or heard of these bikes doing this before. Cheers