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    Dr650 jetting

    First off, this is my first post here, so if it's in the wrong section please move it. I'm riding a 2008 dr650se, with 28,000 miles. Stock header, fmf q4 pipe, jesse-recommended airbox mod, drilled slide, needle shimmed .030", 160 main, stock pilot and air jets. Extended fuel screw at 2 turns out (that's where it idles best). Riding in indianapolis (715 ft elevation). The bike idles well, midrange is good, too end is good. But i get a bit of a hesitation just off idle. For example, if I'm riding a constant 10mph, then crack the throttle open, it starts to accelerate, but the power doesn't feel like it's there. After a second or so the power finally kicks in, but by then it's time to shift into 2nd gear. Makes it difficult to lift the front wheel to clear logs and such. It feels like it's briefly running rich, but without the shim the midrange is way lean, and if i lean out further at the screw it idles rough. For those of you still reading this tome, any suggestions? Should i order a larger pilot air jet, and would this necessitate a larger pilot jet as well?