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  1. trailrider 34

    YZ 250 Gearing for Woods

    I'm going to have to agree with those who are using a 13T front sprocket. I mentioned previously about trying it and it was way too low for me. I went back to the stock 14:50 for a bit. It seems like a good all around gearing, but I still wasn't where I wanted to be. I tried a 13:50, then 13:49, and I lost quite a bit of top end. I took the FMF Gnarly pipe off since it's a bottom end pipe, went back to the stock pipe, and that helped some with getting the top end back. I was getting close, but still not satisfied yet. I then tried a 13:48 and this is what works for me where I'm riding. It's a lot of rocky hills here near a river and along some creeks. I definitely was clutching way too much with the stock gearing. Now I can crawl up these hills with minimal clutch work and to me it's more throttle control now. I'm definitely not shifting too much which can happen when going with lower gearing. I can also lift the front end easier to get over logs and other stuff. Sometimes gearing too low can cause a loss of traction and I haven't noticed that with this setup. From what I could see using a gear ratio chart it's adding 1, but not quite 2 teeth to the rear with the 14 front sprocket.
  2. trailrider 34

    400EX Low Speed Vibration

    I have an 08 400ex, second owner. It's in pretty descent shape for a used atv except for feeling a slight vibration in first or second gear. It happens at a really low rpm and I'm not sure what it is. If you pull in the clutch, increase the rpms, shift into neutral or a higher gear it disappears. It shifts smooth and the clutch isn't slipping. I haven't noticed any abnormal engine noises either. Any ideas what this could be?
  3. trailrider 34

    Top End Rebuild YZ250

    With the type of riding and maintenance that I do it sounds like I should be able to get 75 to 100 hours max out of a top end. The good thing about a 2 stroke is they're much easier and cheaper to maintain compared to a 4 stroke! Thanks everyone for the advice!
  4. trailrider 34

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    Several years ago I had a Yamaha 660 Raptor 4 wheeler and the same thing happened. I had someone else change the oil while I was working on something else. A couple days later I took it out for a ride and I could smell something funny after a few minutes. I stopped to check things out, the skid plate had some oil laying in it, and I immediately shut it down. After that I noticed the drain plug was missing too! I figured he probably didn't get it tight enough and it eventually vibrated out. I thought for sure that the motor was trashed! The next day I picked up some oil, filter, and of course a drain plug. When I got home, I added some fresh oil and went for a ride. Everything seemed fine and I rode it for awhile after that up until I got rid of it. I was so lucky that the engine wasn't destroyed!! Now I change my own oil and double check things before I ride...
  5. trailrider 34

    Top End Rebuild YZ250

    I use my YZ250 for trail riding only. Most of the time it's low speed single track through the woods and occasionally I'll open it up going across a field. I keep up with the maintenance, the air filter is frequently cleaned, Maxima 927 - 2 cycle oil mixed at 32:1, gear oil is changed every few hours, etc. Right now it has almost 30 total hours from new. How many hours do you get on these bikes before rebuilding the top end?
  6. trailrider 34

    YZ 250 Gearing for Woods

    I tried a 13t front and it seemed too low for me. Seems like you shift more, lose some traction in certain places and top end power. I think I'm going to stick with the stock 14/50 gearing.
  7. trailrider 34

    YZ 250 Gearing for Woods

    I'm riding a new YZ 250 in the woods. Where I ride it's mostly single track, but occasionally it'll open up some into a field or a dirt road. So far I've put on a FMF Gnarly pipe and a Turbine Core 2 silencer, 9 oz GYTR flywheel weight, and a JD Jet Kit. These mods seemed to help smooth out the power for the type of riding I do. My stock gearing is a 14 front and 50 tooth rear sprocket. It works well, but sometimes I feel like I'm feathering the clutch a little too much in the tight or technical stuff. I was thinking about trying a 13t front, but that might be too low. What sprockets should I try? Thanks for any suggestions or tips in advance.
  8. I have a 2013 Ktm 250xcfw, that I bought used with about 40 hours earlier this year. I mostly ride single track and occasionally more open trails. I frequently change the engine oil and filter, check or clean the air filter after each ride, etc. The bike currently has about 90 hours and still runs great. But my question is how long on average do these bikes last before needing the engine serviced? I've read online and you'll see people rebuilding an engine within the first 100 hours and others running them much longer before a rebuild... I would think with proper maintenance these bikes should last awhile, but thought I'd ask. Thanks for any advice or help in advance.