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  1. 8 a.m
  2. Got the bike going. I need to ask, what is the eta on miles? I have a small tank. Is the playground close to the staging area?
  3. Going to work on my spare bike right now. Meeting at rooster spot in am?
  4. This an advanced ride? Anyone welcome?
  5. I am thinking of signing up for motoventures near Temecula this weekend because I need to get over my fear of jumps and downhill turns. I have never tried mx, just natural terrain. Do you think get this accomplished here? Some people said level 2 was too easy. But level 3 seems to be for serious competitors. I have ridden on the street for years and dirt for 2 years or so. I would like to start participate in some of the events that have a combination course of mx and desert. I don't want to get big air or anything, just want to be capable. Any advice with this?
  6. maybe a ktm is the way to go. since i got one i have made more friends compared to the other brand of bikes i have owned. Sent from my SM-J320P using ThumperTalk mobile app
  7. i am an IL resident in CA for about a year. have 3 2strokes. one being a trials bike here in ca. i won't be able to compete or practice. this deeply saddens me.
  8. California

    does anyone live around san jacinto?
  9. California

    Ok so I know this is half off topic. But I am interested in dirt biking around san diego. And also want to go surf fishing as well. Anyone else, especially girls that like to fish? My friends only tolerate me fishing. I was at imperial beach and lost some two really big fish. Never experienced anything like that before.
  10. I maintain my own bikes. I have all 2strokes for dirt. I learned a whole lot and still learning. I fully believe it hydration, have my own tools, and carry my own gas. PM sent.
  11. Really the last time a girl logged in that was your result? That is the moral of your story??? Im not sure what you'r referring to in terms of "whacking" away, but your negative generalization it is a bit uncalled for and unbecoming in general. It is difficult for anyone- and a bit more for a girl to get into riding unless she grew up with family who did, or has a bf that helped along. It is very intimidating for females getting into the sport for the first time as well. It is also harder for us to mentally challenge ourselves and put ourselves into dangerous crazy situations because our conscious is constantly trying to override (telling us to slow down) our true goals. Let me tell you, us girls do appreciate the gentlemen out there who take the time to help, instruct, and exercise extreme patience to help us along without the intention of getting down our pants. My own mom said she always wanted to ride a motorcycle. She had lots of reasons for not trying. At 60 she was still talking about it. Kinda sad, but my moms regrets inspired me not to have regrets, or a lot less of them. Tho she does think I am crazy.
  12. 5'6. I put taller taller on the bike.
  13. Within range of the right weight for that bike Yeah the 105 is a complete game changer for me. Perfect merge between the trials and dirt bike.
  14. I use the sherco for really hard stuff, and for conditioning.
  15. for dirt I have a ktm 105xc, KDX 200, and sherco 290. I am trying to ride my way up to the KDX as right now I am not so comfy on the serious technical stuff on that bike. But can handle anything else on the 105, and can pick it up loads more times without cussing.