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  1. Dashriprock

    Best 80/20 Tire for KLX

    Thanks for the response. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would. I was pretty much set on a pair of Shinkos, but now I'm going to re-think it. Those MEFO Explorers look pretty darn good. Anyone else have thoughts on the MEFO Explorers vs. Shinko 705's?
  2. Dashriprock

    Best 80/20 Tire for KLX

    Ok, I know this topic gets thrown around a lot. But I'm 60 years old and back on a two-wheeler after about 25 years off of them. Found a great 2012 KLX 250 with less than 1000 miles on it. My riding will be at least 80/20 street. I also ride primarily on twisty two-lane mountain roads. So I'm up for recommendations on primarily a street tire that handles turns well with a little bit of gravel fire roads mixed in. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!