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  1. Lighter1

    Igniton problem

    Hello. I am having ignition problems with my KTM sx85 2012. No sparks, i Have tried changing CDIs and coils but with no luck. Have also checked out the wireharnes that goes from the stator to the coil and to the CDI. There is only one of the six cabels that is transmiting power (green and blue) that goes from the stator, to the coil and then changes to green and orange. Orange goes to the CDI and then to the coil without power. Kinda hard to explain this. Is there anyone with a wiring diagram of the same bike or something that looks alike. I can't see any bad wires or should i open the wires up completly and check for wirebreaks? Anyone who has had a similar problem?
  2. Lighter1


    Same excact problem on my 11' sx85.. Tried swapping CDI but with no luck.. Anyone who knows how to fix it?
  3. Lighter1

    Looking for a CDI.

    Hello, i'm woundering if anyone here has got a CDI for a KTM SX85 2011 for sale? I don't know if the numbers mean anything but the original one has ''47039031000 XG4-10 19 H'' I have been told that my bike has the same CDI as KTM sx85's and sx105's from 2003 and up to 2008. Thanks in advance for replies
  4. Lighter1

    KTM sx 85 no spark (2011)

    Hey! i'm trying to fix my brothers sx85, It has no spark what so ever. I have tried alot of things, changed coil twice, plugs and unhooked the kill switch without good result. There is coming electricity from the stator, all the way up to the CDI, which doenst distribute any power to the coil or anywhere else. I have also tried a different CDI which had the same "factory numbers" (47039031000), but the letters on the CDI was different, and it didnt deliver any power either. I cant seem to find any CDI which has the EXACT same numbers and letters as the original one, does this even matter? Or is the problem coming from somewhere else? The CDI numbers and letters i need is (47039031000, XG4 -10 19H) Any tips is of much help, really hope i can figure this problem. Thanks in advance for help!
  5. Lighter1

    No sparks on KTM SX85 2011

    Everything was fine until i changed my gear oil and cleaned my air filter, the bike started up right away. I've tried to change the spark plug but there isn't any spark, i've even tried the same spark plug on another bike and the spark plug works there. I don't know if it is just the spark plug cap or something else. Anyone here who has had or is dealing with the same kind of problem, please respond.