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  1. Neilw

    What to do If I'm riding alone

    I carry an InReach. It is a lifeline if I need rescue. If I break down I can text my situation and arrange a rendevous point. If I need emergency I can call 911. However it does not replace having a partner. Sometimes you just need help pushing the bike up a hill or out of a hole. You don't want to call rescue for that. Even changing a flat tire could become a rescue situation without a partner. I've become more cautious about where I ride when alone. I try to stay close to civilization on routes that are likely to have traffic. Going off into the boonies is asking for trouble.
  2. Neilw

    What to do If I'm riding alone

    I ride alone. If I break down or have an injury where I can walk, I need to communicate my situation and where I want to meet my rescuer. In that situation you need satellite communication with custom messaging.
  3. I repaired my stator cover case on my DRZ400 using JB weld. I put on Thumper Talk case savers which uses silicon to bind them to the case. The repair has cracked open so I need to remove the case saver to repair it. How do I get that silicon off? Is there a technique to get the Case Saver off without ruining it?
  4. Neilw

    Conquering that climb

    Which FR? What forest? Want to look it up. I'm in AZ.
  5. Neilw

    KTM OEM exhaust VS Aftermarket?

    Would you rather they not be there and having people racing their vehicles without restraint? Reckless and damaging behavior is the biggest reason trails are being closed. I want to see people riding responsibly: for my sake, the public sake and the forest sake.
  6. Neilw

    KTM OEM exhaust VS Aftermarket?

    Why do you say they are a pain?
  7. Neilw

    Street gearing on drz400

    If you want to ride a lot of slab plus dirt, get a bike with 6th gear. The DRZ is not good at both. You need lower gears than stock for loose off-road hill climbs, higher for highways.
  8. Neilw

    KTM OEM exhaust VS Aftermarket?

    Well if you are out to win a race things like this matter. If you are just out to have fun then who cares? Better to be quiet and respectful in the forest.
  9. Neilw

    Drz400 seat upgrade

    I've yet to see a negative comment on Seat Concepts.
  10. Neilw

    What Bike Should I Buy?

    Well are you out to win races? What is your motive for riding? There is no prize or glory for going fast, only consequences. Pro racers have to risk their lives and spend lots of money to win. If you are not a pro, what is the point? On the other hand if you ride to see nature, history, etc. then it is the scenery and destination that counts, not how fast you get there. In that case it comes down to which bike is the most practical and capable to get you there? You don't need to spend time and money on mods to increase performance. How fast do you really need to go? Most bikes are capable of 50 mph off road. That and the power to get up hills is all you need, performance wise. Now if you need to ride the interstate too then you have a lot more trade-offs to take into account. Considering the choices you mention, that doesn't seem to be a concern. 2 Strokes are all about power to weight. Light weight is good but the maintenance is also a factor. 2 strokes (and all high performance bikes) are notorious for needing rebuilds and frequent maintenance, thus not a practical solution unless weight or performance outweigh reliability and economy. Bottom line, unless you are out to win races, the best choice is the most practical and economical that gets you where you want to go. In my opinion the DRZ is the most capable, economic solution for the basics. It is too heavy for some scenarios and not good on highways but I think it is one of the best do it all bikes overall.
  11. Neilw

    Rider Protection... uh oh

    If you are a professional racer you have to risk your life to win. If you are not a professional racer you have entirely different circumstances. You decide your limits. There are no trophies nor any glory for riding to the limits of the pros when off the race course. Ride sensibly and you'll likely be ok without the high end protection of the pros.
  12. Neilw

    GPS, help needed

    Yes you can use a deactivated phone. It will still run apps without the phone functions. It will use the app, WIFI and gps without an active phone account.
  13. Lots of stuff on YouTube. Also off road websites. Do a search for "Colorado off road", etc. Black Bear Pass, CO is popular. Rubicon trail in Calif. if you really want a challenge.
  14. Neilw

    Police run-ins

    What you did just makes the police and public dislike bikers. Ride with respect if you want to be respected.