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  1. Yes you can use a deactivated phone. It will still run apps without the phone functions. It will use the app, WIFI and gps without an active phone account.
  2. Lots of stuff on YouTube. Also off road websites. Do a search for "Colorado off road", etc. Black Bear Pass, CO is popular. Rubicon trail in Calif. if you really want a challenge.
  3. What you did just makes the police and public dislike bikers. Ride with respect if you want to be respected.
  4. I have a Haul Master hitch hauler by Harbor Freight. Before I bought it I looked at reviews and saw they had issues with welds breaking where the rack is connected to the main hitch tube. The one I have is redesigned and apparently has solved that problem. Overall I like the hauler concept vs. a trailer because it doesn't take much space to store and it is a MUCH cheaper (<$100 used) solution. No need for license, taillight connections, easy to store and maneuver and I can use my economic passenger vehicle vs. a truck. There are no speed limitations vs. a trailer. The downsides: it takes maybe 20 minutes to install and load the bike. That's not a lot of time but most times I'd rather just hop on and go. Still it saves a lot of fatiguing road time, especially after a long day of riding trails. Also I have a steep driveway and the hauler drags on my Honda Odyssey so I have to load the bike on the street. That is a bit of a hassle since I have to load my tools, straps and hauler in the van to take it down to the street. Lastly, the Haul Master design is meant to let the tires drop down into the carrier for a secure grip. This great for securing the bike but makes it a pain to unload if you have to do it alone because you have to work the the wheels up out of the carrier while balancing the bike. They do provide additional removable cross braces so you can use them to keep the wheels from dropping into the carrier, but you sacrifice the security that comes with it. I think it would be fine though as many carriers are designed without having the tires recessed. Overall I think it is a great concept, especially if you don't have the ground clearance issues I have.