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  1. Hi Bob, Axles have been removed to confirm they're still there, and i've re-installed with the flap set in the middle using shims on either side. I've doubled up on plates to cover more of the hex-head of the axles, hopefully that reduces wear. Still doesn't feel like there's any real mid-range. Thoughts? Dizo
  2. Removed power valve cover and confirmed movement when I rev it up. It looks like it moves a little later than other videos i've seen (higher rpm's than others). Adjustment was set different than i'd seen online. The mark on the moveable plate was just above the bottom mark on the non-moving plate. I've adjusted to the Langston setting. Both control flap axles are 'stripped' in that the locking plates aren't retaining their position. I've ordered new plates and axles - is there a better locking plate available to stop this head stripping problem?
  3. It has good power just off of idle, far more than any 125 I've ridden, but as I said it just doesn't pick up until it's on the pipe. Could this still be a power valve that's stuck open? Seems like it's operating, but only at the two extremes.
  4. I still have great power when it's truly on the pipe, so i think the valve opens, just not gradually as I believe it's supposed to. Any other input?
  5. 2011 KTM 150 low hours, nearly new piston, FMF fatty pipe, new bike to me. Runs great at low rpm and when on the pipe, but there's no increase in power from just off idle until just before it comes on the pipe. There's no surging or poor running anywhere in the rpm, just no power in the mid range, as though the power valve is stuck closed until it comes on the pipe. I recently noticed that one of the power valve pivot 'axle' retaining plates was stripped (LH side of barrel) so the axle was starting to back out. I've ordered a replacement, but I don't think this could be the culprit. Thoughts? Any input appreciated, I have zero experience with 2-stroke power valves.