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  1. Says "Spooge"
  2. Gotcha. Thanks Biffy
  3. So you are saying I should use 24:1?
  4. What's obvious Biffy?
  5. Thanks. I can tell its been treated well. Guy I bought it from was sad to see it go. Hopefully I can keep it clean.
  6. Thanks all. I figured 32:1, just wanted to make sure.
  7. Damn it! Found the page on manual at least...
  8. Been searching the Googles for awhile now, cant find a good source for a 250x CDI for a '92. Ebay?
  9. That would make sense but no, its in the general info section.Also says dont use premix that is more than a few hours old. Pretty hardcore right? Premix can sit for a bit can't it?
  10. I know, this is a lame post. I think I know the answer but wanted to check with you guys first. I just bought a 1992 YZ250. The manual recommends 24:1 oil/gas ratio with Yamalube or 20:1 with non-Yamalube. Seems like a lot of oil... Follow manual recommendations?
  11. Is a CDI something dirt bikes already have stock? So just replace it with a CDI that will smooth it out? Or is it an addition?
  12. G2 tamer sounds like an easy fix but I'm not seeing one for my year bike. I emailed them, hopefully they got something for my old Pinky.
  13. ^^ Question answered as i read through the thread
  14. I just bought a '92 YZ250 for my first dirt bike for the same reasons you might buy your 2000. Was gunna go for 125 but found this in amazing shape for $1k. Although I don't regret my purchase, the thing has 2 speeds - neutral and holy sh*t! I wonder if there's a way to desensitize the throttle, so it takes more turn to fly. Maybe in the long run thats a bad idea.
  15. Colorado

    I went to Rampart today excited to try out my first dirt bike. It was half snow half dirt. Snow was fun to ride in, although I was an idiot and got stuck on the bottom end of a blind corner on 675. No one was out there but I was still pooping my pants.