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  1. Albator31

    DRZ400SM starting and knocking issue

    I removed as a butcher thé autodecompressor systèm from the exhaust camshaft than I realized that I couldnt kick properly... I can stay stand up on thé kick lever...
  2. Albator31

    DRZ400SM starting and knocking issue

    I juste tried stock valves and they slide better than the current ones. But there is a slight free play, I am afraid that the guides suffered...or maybe it is normal
  3. Albator31

    DRZ400SM starting and knocking issue

    Camps were hotcam stage 1 that I replacés by stock ones, but thé issue remains thé same.no more results with thé bsr. I have removed head to check if valves are torn. But difficult to say. How can I check if thé valves are torn? Thank you
  4. Albator31

    DRZ400SM starting and knocking issue

    Just to illustrate my today investigation. I clean rotor stator. Everything all right. I try to start and it worked, but the head of the pipe became red, still knocking. Difficulties to increase revs. I stopped, removed head cover and check valve clearance, it is perfect as well as distribution syncro. I will try to put back thé bsr carburator...
  5. Hello everybody from the outeratlantic. After several months of hard try, I finally come on this forum to request your help. Here is the bike: DRZ400SM 2007 Athena 434 FCR39MX: main 155, pilot 48, air 150 Open muffler Electric start replaced by kick start Story short: During 2016 summer, the bike started to have some difficulties to start. Then on September I replaced valves as I suspected oil leak. Afterwards here are the symptoms: difficulties to start when when it starts, knocking sounds (not regular) around the cylinder head. The kick lever often comes back very violently when I try to start it. When it start, it stalls if I accelerate. I check everything: no free play, high compression, spark: yes, fuel: yes Tips: on 2015, I had a similar issue that was solved by adjusting the TPS. But it doesn't work now. I tried the TPS from the SM model carburator, it doesn't work. I tried a brand new CDI e-model (green wire disconnected), it doesn't work. Side stand is by-passed as well as clutch lever sensor. So, I suspect something wrong with stator ? rotor ? something else? Help