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  1. Thanks! I'm not planning on a lot of road riding, basically from trail to trail. Some trails are say 10 miles down the road from another. It would be nice to cruise there instead of loading up or in the summer to ride to work 5 miles some days . Thanks for the info boys.
  2. Comifornia.. haha! Yeah I've read about the green stickers also. But when looking on Beta's site it does not list it in the dual sport on/off road list. I don't know if maybe the VIN states that it isn't street legal due to emissions? And then if you get it passed DMV, is it an issue with insurance.
  3. What if they do Check VIN? Not all states check?
  4. Sweet. Thanks for the info. Makes me want it more for sure. Have you been riding long and how do you like xtrainer?
  5. I'm looking at buying an Xtrainer, does anyone know if there is any way to make it street legal? I've read different things about this most saying no. I live in Alaska FYI
  6. I was thinking 200 xcw then considering the new 150. I feel like the Beta xtrainer will be the one! I wouldn't mind the CRF 150 as a step up this summer then next summer but the new xtrainer
  7. No recluse clutch for me, I want to master my clutch abilities . I'm really leaning toward the Beta Xtrainer in all aspects. Seat height isn't an issue, I'm 5'10. I do however like my feet to touch to paddle through situations because I ride all off-road and it's technical. I did want the 200 xcw, for the last year and almost bought one in San Diego a month ago until someone on this post mentioned a few bikes and I hadn't heard much about the Beta. Since I read about it, everything I've read and seen, sold me. I'm waiting for the dealer here to get back with me. He sells them out of his hanger. 2-stroke 300, seems like plenty of power, detuned so smooth. I wish I could test ride or even sit on one. But he has to order and I don't know anyone with one, Wish I had a group of ladies like on this forum to ride with up here. I have lots more to learn...
  8. Sweet pic! Thanks
  9. Right on, I think you are selling me on Beta.
  10. I am impressed with you two. And any lady that knows so much, damn! I'm new to this, bought my first bike 3 springs ago 40 years old after I divorced my ex, not one friend had a bike, i loved my wheeler and decided to see if I loved a bike as much. I learned by watching YouTube videos and riding alone. Fell in love. No anxiety, it feels amazing, I hate Alaskan winters more now than before, can't stand not riding. Now Ive met and ride with guys that have been riding and racing a long time, which I feel pushes me to get better. They say I impress them as short a time as I've riden and better than my bike now and need more. The Beta looks amazing. I'd most likely be the only one on the trail so don't have one to test ride. I did test ride the 200 xcw last summer. It'll take time to get use to the hit of power my dinky 125 doesn't have Anyways, that's my story. I preciate y'all ❤️
  11. I get that and there is a KTM dealer but I'm really leaning toward that Beta. Damnit, I've been considering which bike for almost a year now. Ha! You must be a badass on a bike, riding trials in the80's!!! Way ahead of the curve.
  12. Right on dirt duchess, I feel it's best for my riding too. A riding busy just connected me with our only guy who deals them in AK. You seem pretty knowledgeable, what do you think, if any, reason to rather get the 200xcw over the Beta?
  13. I've been looking into the Beta xtrainer 300. Sounds pretty freekin awesome!! But probably impossible to fond Oops, find
  14. I looked at the new 150 xcw but I think it might be too peppy, the 200 xcw seems it's got more coming from the bottom and better for technical trails, which I ride a lot. Plus if I find a used one, it will save a few $K's??
  15. Sweet!! Thanks for your info. I'll look into those two bikes as well