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  1. I'm a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff so how would I go about flushing it?
  2. Top end was just put on it a week or so before she blew the head gasket. How do I get all the coolant out of the cylinder and wherever else it may be?
  3. Hey guys, I overheated my bike and blew a head gasket and flooded the cylinder with coolant I was wondering where to go from here. I was told its an easy fix but where do i start? what parts do I get? Thanks!
  4. Would those '88 rm250 forks be stiffer? And if so, what can be done for the monoshock?
  5. It's crank movement
  6. Hey all, Im looking to update the suspension on my 1985 RM125 because it is insanely soft for me. I'm only a 150 lb rider so this leads me to believe that something is wrong. I'm not experienced with suspension work so I don't know what would cause this. I am also looking into an inverted fork swap and I was hoping that someone might know what triple clamps would fit my bike or what inverted forks would fit my stock triple clamps. All help/advice is appreciated, thanks!
  7. Now this is some technical stuff! I'm not very mechanically inclined so this confuses me a bit. Is 1/8 inch of side to side play too much? It looks pretty extreme but I can't find anything that states how much slop was present in stock form. I'd like to learn about this stuff because I have a tendency to buy POS vehicles and I always end up needing help fixing them. thanks for all the help guys, I just wish I had more experience in this sort of thing, as I'm only 16. It'd also help if the bike wasn't an hour away at a friends house
  8. Also how much play is considered "a little"?
  9. Would a new connecting rod help with the side to side play?
  10. My beloved 1985 RM125 has some concerning crank play. I'm wondering how much play is acceptable? If there is too much play what options do I have? Nobody makes a bottom end kit for my bike anymore Any help is appreciated, thanks
  11. Front end looks amazing with the new fender and hand guards.
  12. Im looking for a front brake caliper rebuild kit for my '85 RM125. I can't find anything besides an incomplete kit on eBay which lacks some of the parts I need. Does anyone know of a kit that will fit my bike or a company that still makes a kit for it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  13. Disregard the previous post... the PO said it was a 1987 frame but a vin check shows it's a 1985. In other news I ordered a new front fender, brake caliper rebuild kit and brake pads. Still working on the tune cuz I haven't had much time to work on it lately.
  14. Also, does anyone know of a website that I can get a FREE vin check on?
  15. Thanks for the info guys! I figured out that the PO lied and I have the wrong year listed on my bill of sale.... how could I fix this? I don't have the original bill of sale either, it's just a copy.