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  1. XR650L 2012 Good info. Ordered 13 tooth Fritz sprocket heavy duty from the Bay. Comes with clip. Does not use anchor bolts. Soon will be doing a full stress test here in the Big East. Hoping get more miles out of this new design sprocket.
  2. Mighty Joe

    Timing Chains

    XR400R 2001. I found a Wiseco cam chain during my search. Internet When I zoom in get better look Wiseco it had same stamping on the side of chain as my Honda chain. Exactly the same. I bought my bike brand new so it had a factory chain. Maybe 2001 they ran short and used Wiseco. Note this is a open chain. no master link. You need some tools to pin it, but no side case removal. . check cam lobes. End game new Stage One Camshaft. Rockers 4 Honda Self adjuster Honda . hey don't want that to blow up gets ugly you know. And after market valve cover gasket $6.00.
  3. Mighty Joe

    02 Xr400r suspension upgrade?

    2001XR400R All Woods All Mountains Rocks,Mud. Shim stack Mod in place 5 for me. This summer installed Honda Stock XR600R front springs into my 400R. Info I found was 85-87 are rated 0.39 KG. length 566mm. again chart said TT // xr400r late version 1998 on uses 536mm spring and .37kg They did load up. You have get into Honda factory parts and search. If you can add info I never owned a 600R. Like what the length/KG of a 2000 XR600 /specs. During install legs on bike had push down on caps with light to medium pressure to start the threads. Light Oil in there. They work very good for me soft landings and cut like a knife. My weight is 190LBS and yes spring Sag. Again woods riding.
  4. Mighty Joe

    2006 TE 450 electrical problem

    Got it new battery. Ok that relay is clicking then things like N safety, clutch and possible kick stand safety not sure which ones you have. tells me all working. and relay engaging. Thats the low side, low current. Now make sure one of the two bigger wire has voltage on one side,, important at to relay check fuses breaker etc. Relay clicks connecting big wire to other big wire going to starter. Relay controls high current to starter, via starter button. starter button has (little wires.) that go and end up at relay. Fuses Breakers!!!!! all working or good. can test with test light. Rolling the starter just a little bit is all that is needed. If you Jumped that starter use both cables. you need a ground. Like when you benched tested it.
  5. Mighty Joe

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    I'm going to guess looks like IMS fuel tank. I have 4 Gallon. Ok have couple question on Shoria battery. Any issue on charging rate. Dead battery. Any thing. I get deep in the woods. I need a proven battery. My factory battery along with my factory charging system has never failed. 2012XR650L. I ride with lights turned off a lot. No extra loads just cell phone charger. Just the facts. Plan to replace battery this spring. Spud you have been running this set up for a while. Any info helpful. Nice set up, great post.
  6. Mighty Joe

    2006 TE 450 electrical problem

    Might try tap tap tap tap on starter (SMALL HAMMER) with magic button pushed.
  7. Mighty Joe

    2006 TE 450 electrical problem

    Ok you need to know the staus of this battery a Must. on your bike. maybe put a low amp charger on and try and crank it again. Check that battery ground real good. Heck grab some jumper cables clamp on battery Ground and a clean spot in frame. use black cable only.Try and crank Remember a starter with no load free wheeling is basic check still could be bad starter. Try and bump the motor with starter motor engaged. Your trying to move the armature might have a bad spot. bad. The relay clicks so I'm thinking your safety switches are working.
  8. Mighty Joe

    OEM Carb on XR650L?

    2012XR650L My bucket (Separator) is still on the bike. Only issue is when you install a in line fuel filter its a little tight. Fact every bike I owned I install in line fuel filter. Trust me its worth the time to install. You need very clean Fuel going into the Carb. Make sure its a clear one, full flow. Some times after bike sits you have to shake it up grab front brake slam bike up and down. Honda does make a Good vacuum flow fuel system. Never had fuel in a crank case. Never. Not so much with other brands
  9. Mighty Joe

    Taskers Gap trail conditions?

    I guess will wait till you come back on that report. I do a lot of riding up there funny last time there late summer saw XR400 with two other dudes. Said hello but did not get a chance talk to driver on XR4. And I think that was the first time Ive seen a XR4 up there. I have 2001 love that bike. Now this summer I saw a lot of dirt bikes more then the normal traffic. I ride weekends and all I see is 4 wheelers and maybe one bike. I don't know its 80-100 miles for me but I get down there as much as possible. Take care Ride On. Does my season pass end DEC 31. or to closing time.
  10. Mighty Joe

    OEM Carb on XR650L?

    Rock MTN has Keihin jets for that puppy. Sounds like you trying upgrade that CV. So much good info on XR650L carb jetting right here at TT. You can just about slam some jets in and be dialed in. Feel the Force.
  11. Mighty Joe

    XR650L super moto wheels

    Hey you want to get rid of them stock rims let me know.
  12. Mighty Joe

    how to switch off the headlights on 650l ?

    Good stuff Hollarhead, resetting breakers. you are correct about the 12 volts at the lighter. We are talking some basic circuits so no sweat. LETS GO back TO HEAD LIGHT SWITCH. I want to clean this up a little. First of all lights out switch is highly underrated. I hate lights come on just with key on engine off. it sucks. Doing a oil change engine idle etc I turn my lights off. My light switch MOD was a top priority 3 years ago. If you are not good with electrical work do no attempt. You could destroy your bike wiring system. Burn it to the ground. Point of attack#1 this 10 AMP (Light Fuse) in battery Box. Key on engine off pull it head light and tail go out. Push engine start button nothing happens. But every thing else works I mean every thing. see wire Diagram for more info. Ok I pulled the fuse toss it for now. put two single jumper wires pushed into fuse panel. Did use a fuse holder so circuit is still protected. remember you tossed the Honda Fuse. Now you could use a relay and toggle switch to make and brake this circuit. Bam. now all you have done is connect and disconnect feed wire to push to start switch. Which feeds high low beam switch. Advantage. you are riding lights off and you get back on the street but you forgot to turn the light on. you hit the brake to miss a deer. some dude is tail gating your butt in a pick up truck guess what your brake light came on he did not run over top of you. so before you install a toggle switch that brakes the ground connection on you head light and tail light = no lights work including you brake light think about it. Also I never cut my harness. my toggle switch is near my helmet lock. That's a tight fit also. Attack point 2 if I remember correct pull the seat go to funny main connector toward air box. Locate green and white wire, check diagram pull this wire out of push connector and the lights go out. this is another place to make or brake connection for lights out. make sure you turn key back off. Last thing bike running you can flip this switch 50 times you bike will not cut off. Every Safety on your XRL works as advertised by Honda. Parts toggle switch and or relay four pole works. in line fuse holder and good fuse. wire a warm place to work and time. And a almost a Master Electrician. Good Hunting
  13. Mighty Joe

    KTM to XR650L, did it backwards

    XRL650 Air filter question? this xr500 unifilter what year do year recommend. I use twin air...... I looked up part number. for XR500 (150504) 83=85 range. Twin Air that is. Im big on clean air So you guys recommend this up grade. is it thicker wider or what ever help me out. and thanks. a unifilter part number works. I ride off road mostly slam the big boy around. they handle better then you think. Set that rear sag, get some pressure up front and it handles good. East Coast . I run 13-48 gearing I refuse to buy a bigger rear sprocket. don't want a rock crusher back there if you know what I mean
  14. Mighty Joe

    WV and VA trailriding north of Hatfield?

    Hey Kozmo plan on going to Second MTN this spring. You say low traffic area. I would think a lot of Jeeps up there. I'm taking you can break off from the pack. Hit less used trails. Do weekends get busy. ?? I never been there. Any Tips. Thanks Bud. I'm bringing a motorcycle. Johnny (U) was Number !9 Colts. Take Care
  15. Mighty Joe

    Let's ride! WVa. , Va., or Pa. Memorial weekend

    Charleston area.​ I have two dirt bikes one tagged one not. You have some good riding down there??. I'm Frederick MD area. I like mountains hills woods. Did take note major highways so easy access to your area. Don't need a trail Map yet but is the riding down there real good,, kicking. Had to ask. No hurry wont be riding until spring. A little info would help. Take Care