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  1. i really do like that color. Just looked up the cost of that specific powder with clear coat. 54$ for a full lb. Although i dont think i need a full pound... So i am thinking im definitely set on, Dormant Blue Electric Sparkle for the frame and thinking the hubs as well, and then black rims. Seems like i need to get the ball rolling lol Still trying to decide on what i want to do with the swing arm. it does need some help.
  2. Frame turned out great. I think I'm set on that color. Gary, is the swing arm ceramic or powdered?
  3. Sweet I appreciate!
  4. Yea looks like I'm gonna go with the 5022 color. Gary whenever you do get a few minutes I would love to get the specifics on the updated color. Appreciate it. I guess ill just leave the engine bare and just clean it up good. Doesn't seem worth the hassle. But might do the clutch cover. Mine is quite a bit worn. Guess I should get the bike to the new house and start tearing it completely apart!
  5. Have any pics of that? Something that came to mind was the swing arm. Not sure how I want to tackle that or fresh in it up.
  6. Yea I think the black wheels and blue hubs would look bad ass with a blue frame. Gary, do you have the color code for a goood blue color? Also so for the engine I was just thinking about getting some sort of flat or matte grey color to just freshen it up. Nothing to fancy. Seeing Gary's builds and his mad engine paint skills it looks nice. On second thought, probably be easier to just paint it lol
  7. Anyone else have any more pictures of bikes of various colors? i know you have plenty Gary lol i need to look through your posts again
  8. Whats everyones thoughts on a Black Frame, blue hubs and black wheels with blue plastic? Also whats everyones thoughts on engine paint/powder to make it look purdy again?
  9. So im debating on stripping down the frame and getting everything powder coated. Mainly because, i can do it myself and the only cost is the cost of powder. Im just curious, im torn between going with a black or going with a yamaha blue color. Anyone know of what some good powder colors? Also wondering what other pieces i should powder as well. If you were to do it, what would you powder coat besides the frame?
  10. Long story short behind this is i bought this bike in early 2014, had a knock, thought it was the top end no big deal, bought it and brought home. I ran it for whatever reason (stupid me) and it seized. Bottom piece of the piston broke and fell into the case, i think the same issue wiseco bottom end(not sure though). So it sat until early 2015 till i got it to a buddy's shop in AZ who did a full rebuild with wiseco top and bottom end kits since i didnt have ANY tools since they were all still in AZ (military). Deployed, came home, was fixed, and due to the remoteness of my base, there wasnt much around short of driving 3+hrs. Went out and after the first day of riding all was good. ran great. Second day, starting running like crap. tore the head off, bearing shot in the rod on the crank. This happened in spring 2016. So, i am almost done with it, after dumping $800 into this for little time bugs me. However, when i did buy the bottom end, i did not know about their issue with cranks. So i do not want to put more money into it if its going to cost me $125/hr to ride. Hence why im not looking to buy specialized tools. Plus the wife would be pissed since things are tight with my other toy needing a 6k transmission. I wanted to get some tips that could help before i start tearing into it without the primary tools. i have the time, patience, and a decent mechanical skill and have everything else besides those few special tools. So i do appreciate the help Captain.Olives. Gary YZDOC-im located in Gilbert AZ
  11. Why would I spend $150+ for a set of tools I might only use once if I sell this bike with no intention of getting another bike? Nor am I going to take it to a shop again after just getting it rebuilt 6hrs ago. That's the whole point of this post, to find an alternative way. Even if it's more difficult. I will purchase a flywheel puller, and use a harmonic balancer to split the case. Can i just beat the crank out since I'm replacing crank and bearings anyways?
  12. Captain olive I greatly appreciate the info. I would love to get the tools and if I do keep the bike I will certainly get them. But time will tell. I will get a flywheel puller off Amazon for cheap though. What is an easy way to get the crank out of the case? Just heat the case area up with a torch and let it fall out?
  13. When I first got it and brought it home As it sits now unfortunately
  14. So I need to tear apart the bottom end. However I don't have any of the specialized tools, mainly the case splitter and crank remover/installer. What do you guys do without those tools to tear apart the bottom end? Thanks
  15. Arizona

    Howdy all. New to the forum and new to actually riding bikes. Hope to actually get out and meet some of you all when my dirt scooter gets rebuilt...again....