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  1. Mikeyzice

    4CS to KYB SSS conversion

    Hi Fridh, if you don't need the adapters offered here plse let me know, ta
  2. Mikeyzice

    4CS to KYB SSS conversion

    Hi. I'm 100% buying these adapters if they are up for sale? I have sss & 4cs doner forks. Are there any dimensions of needed ?
  3. Mikeyzice

    2018 500 RR-S oil leak

    No. Not transmission oil. It is engine oil, and it is a motul brand oil. Illuminous green. This was used when diagnosing the fault for clarity. I'm all for replacement of the gasket in certain cases of use (low hrs dry etc). My bike, used in Wales UK wet rivers nothing dramatic but also on long Rd hikes.etc. Oil was also low in quantity when dropped. This means I used it this way unintended. Will see.
  4. Mikeyzice

    2018 500 RR-S oil leak

    Wish I was having the same kind of assistance here. I'm having to phone the dealer every day as they are not calling back when they said they will. Not happy. Then today I have been told that I have 3 options. Have beta uk strip / rebuild. Have the dealer do the work or strip/rebuild or SEND THE MOTOR TO ITALY! !.. Really! Apparently there are no 480 cc motors available for warranty work. A case for trading standards me thinks. Last Beta for me
  5. Mikeyzice

    2018 500 RR-S oil leak

    Hi. Any further details on the outcome of your 480 oil leak? I'm unfortunately experiencing the exact same issues. Bike is 3 months old. 480cc. Trail ridden.
  6. Thanks for that, bike is now getting stripped down for bits, I would like to include the SSS/4cs internal's conversion as part of my refresh. If possible I would like to take some advice here Bowser on the conversion. Could I buy the necessary adaptor items from yourself? How did the machinist get on?
  7. Have you gone any further with the adapter kit sss/4cs? I'm keen to hear more. Do you know if the 06 sss can be used as doners for my 13 4cs?.