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  1. BaconRider

    Show your PIG

    Almost done with my top end rebuild on my 93 XR650L. Just waiting for good weather to finish the break in. It's got a JE 10.5:1 high compression piston, Dave's carb mods, XR'S header pipe and exhaust, IMS tank, double take mirrors and Cyclops LED headlight.
  2. BaconRider

    XR650l or not?

    I'd save yourself some $ and get a lightly used one. Honda charges almost as much for an XR650l which uses 1980s technology as a CRF450 which uses current racing technology. The good news is that 1980s tech is relatively easy to work on. In my area at least, there's lots of used ones.
  3. BaconRider

    Honda XR650L 1993

    My first bike. Been a lot of fun to ride so far.
  4. BaconRider

    Honda XR650L (1993)


    My first bike. Been a lot of fun to ride so far.