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  1. DezertMobber

    Who is Joey Mac?

    this thread is funny, my wife works for a company he goes to for his shirts. lol.
  2. DezertMobber

    Craziest back fire ever

    how are the intake valves. did they seal properly..
  3. DezertMobber

    Yz125 is this cylinder reusable?

    in my opinion i would say to file/grind down the chipped area to get all the lose particles that may fall off into the cylinder while riding. file them lightly just to remover the damaged area to a smooth finish (solid) DO NOT TAKE MUCH OUT.
  4. DezertMobber

    must haves in garage?

    a good vice is important
  5. DezertMobber

    Valve Clearances

    Valve clearance Cold engine, set at TDC.. IN: 0.10~0.20mm (0.0039~0.0079 in) EX: 0.20~0.30mm (0.0079~0.0118 in) http://www.tm-racing.co.nz/calculator.html this is a valve shim calculator, all you need to do is type in the current shim thickness and desired gap/clearance
  6. DezertMobber

    Help 2001 KE 100 out of control RPM

    check to make sure the carb is closing all the way, then check the cab boot for cracks.
  7. This hasn't happened and I hope it doesn't, but I have been having this recurring nightmare of me ridding on a track and hitting a huge double, In mid flight I know I hit it too fast and im going to over clear the landing ramp so I bail off the bike. All I can see is the ground coming fast, I put my legs out and when I land i feel my legs brake and boom wake up.. This happens at least 1-2 times a month..
  8. DezertMobber

    kx250f ticking prob

    like stated above check your valves. your valves maybe too tight or timing may be off, top end tick usually means valve to piston contact.
  9. DezertMobber

    04 crf450r with newer piston?

    will defiantly check that out. thank you very much for the tip.
  10. DezertMobber

    04 crf450r with newer piston?

  11. DezertMobber

    04 crf450r with newer piston?

    Hi everyone first time post long time follower. just joined today. Anyway. I have a 04 crf450r. just got it in a trade. didn't run. I adjusted the valves to spec. still would not start. got heavy backfire pop but wouldn't start. I checked to valves for leaks by spraying carb cleaner in them, they did not leak fluid out. Well any way I decided to take the cylinder off to inspect the piston. I looked over the piston and it looked good but the part number at the bottom is HF7, I can be wrong but I thought it should read HF6, AND I don't know if this matters but all of the OEM pistons I can find have 3 holes on the skirt below the oil ring (valley) My piston has the 3 holes IN the oil ring "VALLEY".. my question is will this piston work with 04 rings, as I just ordered some and more importantly work with my cylinder and head, thanks you for your help, and merry Christmas everyone