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  1. Yea Racetech recommended a 7.13 from their calculator, and that's the closest I could get without going custom and waiting 2 weeks and paying extra. Haha
  2. Thanks for the heads up Remlapw! I visited their website and ordered a 6.8 shock spring today. Kudos for the info!!
  3. I cranked down the front and rear all the way and then let the front rebound out a few clicks. Rear still swims so I'll be upgrading the rear shock. I'm 265lbs and the front gets plenty stiff just from cranking it down for hard street riding. Race tech is probably the best resource for spring rates!
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    Funnest bike yet!!
    Funnest bike yet!!
  5. In other words, it can be done, but it isn't what the bike wants to do and it isn't setup for true American Interstate speeds(75-80mph)