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  1. CJPWR450

    Countershaft sprocket nut size

    I don't know if they changed in the later models but my 2005 WR450F is a 27mm on the front sprocket. It's a place to start...
  2. Hi all, Has anyone had any success with fitting radiator guards to the 2005 WR450F after installing GPI alloy radiators. I had to change my rads after smashing my right radiator so decided on the GPI. I have a set of Scorpion guards to go on but they will need a bit of finessing if you know what I mean to fit, they don't quite line up. They look similar to the Devol guards. Can anyone help me out with their experiences, advice and any photos would be great too.
  3. CJPWR450

    05 450f wiring help

    Yes a repair is what I am going to do, heat shrink and solder. Thanks for getting back to me...
  4. CJPWR450

    05 450f wiring help

    Hi all, I need your help, after pulling things apart on my 05 wr450f to change the spark plug I found some bodgy wiring work from the previous owner. It is the 2 wire that connects to the Denso spark plug coil. Can anyone advise how I might get another connector as this one is broken. Thanks