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  1. Thank you for the input ! It's good to know that there are a couple of reasonable choices in getting back to a more conventional suspension set up on this bike. In the event I find a front fork from a '10 - '14 CRF250, which bike should I be looking for that 260mm caliper bracket from ? I'll be darned if my owners manual lists what size rotor is on the '15 450 now. ..and those 2012 CRF 450 forks; are they bolt on's or would I need the triple clamps and/or other parts ? Thanks again for the advice, if you guys want to know anything about dealing with a room full of bored teenagers I'm your man...
  2. Howdy Gang, Picked up a new leftover 2015 Honda CRF450 a couple of months ago and am considering replacing the PSF-2 Air Forks with a set of used conventional spring forks off of ebay or craigslist or wherever. Before I make another purchase sans any kind of research, does anyone have a recommendation of #1: What will definitely fit and #2: Something worth switching to ? I'll be campaigning the over 50 class with reasonable speed and air time for an old guy who back in my glory days actually earned class champion by the end of a lucky season. Any info would be appreciated !